Man Pleads Guilty to Taping Madonna Baby's Baptism

An English security guard who likely hoped to profit by selling his secret videotape of the baptism of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's infant son has pleaded guilty, the BBC reports.

Robert Podesta, 51, hid in Scotland's Dornoch Cathedral a day prior to Rocco Ritchie's Dec. 21 christening. He sustained himself on a supply of food and drink and covertly filmed the highly anticipated event from behind the church's organ pipes.

Podesta was busted about an hour after the ceremony, when he was caught attempting to leave the sandstone cathedral. Charges were dropped against a second man, Welsh reporter James Bufton, who was arrested in conjunction with the incident.

Madonna and Ritchie had feared for their family's safety due to the approximately 1,000 reporters and photographers gathered to cover the baby's baptism and their Dec. 22 wedding ceremony at a nearby castle. The Church of Scotland gave them special permission to hold a private christening, the BBC notes.

Podesta had apparently made a 24-minute tape of the baptism, which he had tried to conceal under a cushion in a cathedral pew. He apparently had plans to sell copies of the exclusive tape, believing he could make a healthy amount of cash from the venture.

Sherriff Ian Cameron ordered that the tape be destroyed. Podesta, who admitted he conducted himself in a disorderly manner likely to cause "concern," is due back in court March 29.