Silverman's Biggs Whips Up Pie 2

February 9, 2001 -- Fans who dug Jason Biggs as the pie-humping dude of American Pie will get to see him today in Saving Silverman — as a lunkhead whose buddies try to save him from his hell-on-wheels fiancée (Amanda Peet) — but they may be more excited to hear what he's doing next week: starting work on American Pie 2.

"We begin filming Feb. 14 and hope to have it open in August," Biggs says, adding that, "Everyone's back, as far as I know." That would include Chris Klein (who stars in Rollerball this summer), Mena Suvari, Shannon Elizabeth, and Seann William Scott.

In the two years since American Pie became a sleeper hit, Scary Movie has come along and raised (or lowered, depending on your perspective) the standards for gross-out comedy.

Biggs won't be having sex with any pies this outing, but he predicts that few will be disappointed: "American Pie outdid everything prior to it simply because it was original. Now Scary Movie has pushed all the buttons, but the sequel isn't trying to outdo the last gross-out comedy.

"What set American Pie apart was its underlying sweetness and the friendships," he continues. "At the very core of the original is these four guys and their quest to do something before they left for college. That's at the core again. I think there's more to it than, 'All right, what are we going to do to top it?'"

Biggs says he understands the character he plays in Silverman, a guy so controlled by his honey that he's almost a love zombie. "She has this quality to get him under wraps and it is like a cult where you're brainwashed. But you don't feel it's brainwashed, you think it's love."

Biggs, however, is quick to point out that he's not basing that evaluation on personal experience. "I like to think I've never been whipped," he swears, "but [if you're in a relationship], just [out of] sheer love for the person, you want to go the extra mile. I am in love."

The actor doesn't give many details about his sweetheart, but does note that she's NOB: not in the business. "She's a creative writer and works with a magazine in Los Angeles," Biggs reveals.