Chart Watch: J.Lo, Shaggy, Last Dance

TOP 10: There's a new kid in town. To no one's surprise, Jennifer Lopez's sophomore effort, J.Lo, debuts at the top of the charts, selling more than 272,000 copies. This makes Lopez the current first lady of both movies and music, as her film The Wedding Planner is also tops at the box office.

And speaking of weddings, it seems as though Shaggy's Hot Shot is the perennial bridesmaid. After playing No. 2 for several weeks to The Beatles' 1, the album stays in the same spot, selling another 214,000 copies, while the Fab Four fall three notches, selling another 173,000 discs. At No. 3, between the two, is the Save the Last Dance soundtrack, which continues its strong sales, moving almost 185,000 copies.

O-Town's self-titled debut bows at No. 5, selling more than 144,000, followed by Dream's debut, It Was All a Dream, which sells more than 105,000. Volume five of the That's What I Call Music series moves almost 89,000 at No. 7, while Creed's Human Clay comes in at No. 8, with sales of more than 81,000, just a few hundred copies more than Dido's No Angel. And returning to the Top 10 with Rule 3:36 is Ja Rule, who sells more than 80,000 copies.

SWEET HOME ALABAMA: Going south isn't always a bad phrase when it comes to sales. Just look at the new Goin' South compilation, which bows at No. 28, selling almost 43,000 copies. Brought to you by the same geniuses who packaged the recent monster hits Monster Ballads and Monsters of Rock.

SOUNDTRACK CITY: Two of this week's biggest gainers come straight from the silver screen. First, the Coyote Ugly soundtrack sells more than 48,000 at No. 23 — a far cry from No. 110 two weeks ago. And the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack continues to climb, moving to No. 30 from No. 59 two weeks ago, and selling more than 42,000 copies.

GRAMMY GRAM: With the Grammys just three weeks away, let's find out where the Album of the Year nominees stack up on the charts. Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP is this week's No. 53, selling more than 26,000 copies, while Radiohead's Kid A is at No. 110, selling 10,400; and Paul Simon's You're the One is No. 193, with sales of 5,100. Neither Beck's Midnite Vultures nor Steely Dan's Two Against Nature are still currently in the Top 200.

BOTTOM FEEDING: This week's No. 200: Aaron Tippin's People Like Us, which sells 4,857 copies to earn the distinction.