Dudley Moore Refutes Death Near

Dudley Moore, battling a rare, incurable brain disorder similar to Parkinson’s disease, is outraged over media reports that he’s on his deathbed.

“I suppose my imminent death will sell papers, while my positive and life-affirming work is of no interest to anyone,” Moore said in an e-mail titled “Open Letter to the International Press,” relayed by his publicist, Michelle Bega.

“I am hurt and discouraged by your cruelty, and I challenge you to set the record straight by printing this statement,” said the Arthur star, who has been undergoing treatment for progressive supranuclear palsy.

More Than a Few WeeksBega said Moore “is continuing to make excellent progress in his treatment and recovery.”

In a Monday night BBC interview, the 65-year-old entertainer had said the ailment has left him with a “short and uncertain future,” adding, “I know I am going to die from it.” That comment was then picked up by other news organizations, including The Associated Press.

Moore wrote in his missive today that he was surprised to hear reports that he has “only weeks to live.”

“I should, I imagine, let my doctor know this, as when I saw him last week he thought things were much better,” Moore wrote.

Moore said the press has ignored the positive things he’s done recently, including a new CD, Dudley Moore Live From an Aircraft Hangar, and a Web site to raise funds for research on PSP, which attacks brain cells that control balance and eye movements as well as some mental and motor functions.