Lost Modine Paintings Found in NYC

Ten years ago, actor Matthew Modine was 31 years old. He had a film in theaters — Pacific Heights, a potboiler detective flick that also featured Michael Keaton and Melanie Griffith — and liked to paint on the side.

In a true gumshoe twist, seven of Modine's paintings disappeared one day, only to be found in a New York City apartment nearly a decade later. An astute officer patrolling the city's Chinatown district recently looked through a window and spotted a portrait of Modine with fellow actor Nicolas Cage, according to People.

Police obtained a search warrant and turned up six other Modine originals, along with the clean-cut actor's family photo album. Cree-py.

The apartment's owner, 32-year-old Matthew Prassad, was charged with criminal possession of stolen property. Police told People Prassad has often claimed to be Modine's friend and told officers he works in the fashion business.