Kate Moss' Home Ransacked by Thieves

Just a word of advice: If you're a celebrity living in London, go out and get the best security system money can buy.

Skeletal Brit supermodel Kate Moss became the third star to fall victim to burglars in London this year, The Sun tabloid reported today. Madonna and Jerry Hall both had their English mansions ransacked earlier in the year.

Thieves reportedly broke into Moss' home and made $350,000 worth of the waif's jewelry disappear, including two irreplaceable items: a $28,000 diamond necklace given to her by former fiancé Johnny Depp, and a diamond ring that was a family heirloom.

The burglars also took other jewels and $70,000 in traveler's checks, The Sun said.

Moss, 26, was apparently on a two-week vacation in the United States when her $1.4 million home in northwest London was hit.

A supposed friend of the model's told The Sun, "Kate has been knocked sideways by this. She's still in shock. Johnny was the first love of her life. She's particularly upset at losing the necklace because of what it means to her. It's like losing a piece of herself."

Depp and Moss had a fiery four-year relationship — at a time when both stars were on the fast track in the young celeb party circuit — that ended in 1997, when Depp left Moss for French actress-singer Vanessa Paradis.

Depp and Paradis now have a child together and are expecting another. Moss has been romantically linked to controversial Brit artist Jake Chapman.

The Sun claimed that Moss, who lives alone at the house, has decided to stay in the States until a new security system has been installed in her home.