Melanie Griffith Enters Rehab

Back in July, actress Melanie Griffith admitted to taking fertility drugs in the hopes that she and hubby Antonio Banderas could conceive a second child. On Tuesday, Griffith's rep announced that the soft-voiced star has an addiction to another kind of drugs — prescription painkillers — and is in rehab to cure her habit.

"My doctor has referred me to the Daniel Freeman Hospital to step down from the prescribed medication that I have been taking for a neck injury," Griffith said in a statement released to reporters. "I appreciate everyone's concern, and I am sure that you will respect my and my family's privacy. With love, Melanie."

Banderas, 40, declined to elaborate on his wife's problem, sources told New York Daily News columnist Mitchell Fink. In 1998, Griffith said her 1996 marriage to the Spanish heartthrob helped her overcome lifelong addictions to booze and pills. "It's so nice to have my wild days behind me," the actress noted then. "I've got an addictive personality, but I managed to kick it now that I'm so happy with my home life."

The 43-year-old actress — who won a Golden Globe and received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of a financially astute secretary in 1988's Working Girl — went into detox immediately after making that acclaimed film.

A hospital spokeswoman would not comment on Griffith's treatment, except to tell Reuters that patients at the nonprofit Catholic facility (in the Marina Del Rey area of Los Angeles) generally go through a 12-step in-house program.

Griffith is the daughter of actress Tippi Hedren, one of Alfred Hitchcock's favorite leading ladies. She has been married four times (twice to actor Don Johnson) and has three children.

Reuters contributed to this story.