Courtney Love's Fashion Faux Pas

Rocker-actress Courtney Love may be the gal who mainstreamed that dirty baby-doll look back in the early '90s, but she's learning her fashion do's and don'ts after throwing a temper tantrum at a recent Versace runway show.

Love, who went from strung out to glammed up in the last five years, apparently wanted to head over to Italy to glimpse designer pal Donatella Versace's spring-summer collection. No surprise there — Versace, along with her late brother, Gianni, helped mold the formerly messy Love into a stylish woman with a taste for expensive gowns.

So why did Love bite the hand that feeds her? "She wanted a private jet, a full-time nanny [for daughter Frances Bean], several dresses, and three assistants," a source tells the New York Post's Page Six column. When the Hole frontwoman showed up in Milan, however, none of her demands had been met by the designer's staff.

Hell hath no fury like Courtney scorned; as soon as the Versace show was over, Love, dragging little Frances with her, went backstage and blew up at Donatella. "They both have wicked tempers," the backstage spy told Page Six. "It is disrespectful [for Love to explode at Versace]. They made her."

Now, some say Donatella is not speaking to the feisty star, a charge both Love and Versace's reps deny. Love's flak explains, "[Love] did ask for a babysitter; she was traveling with [Frances Bean]. The jet was to go from Milan to London, and if you are going to a show you expect clothes.

"But there was no fight and Courtney still considers Donatella a friend," she concluded. We'll see if that's true when Courtney makes her next public appearance, with or without complimentary Versace threads on.

In other drama queen news, the Courtney we know and Love reportedly threw a fit earlier this week, when she was asked to present an award at Glamour magazine's "Women of the Year" ceremony. The fledgling actress apparently demanded a $1,600 hotel suite, three personal stylists, bodyguards, and a limo. After all that, she reportedly missed her flight from Los Angeles to New York and was unable to uphold her end of the deal.