Britney Spears Denies E-mailing Prince William

L O N D O N, Oct 29, 2000 -- U.S. pop star Britney Spears has

denied that she has struck up an a e-mail friendship with

Britain’s Prince William, the News Of The World reported on


“I really don’t know where these stories come from,” the

18-year-old told the tabloid.

“There were rumours that I e-mailed him, which isn’t true,”

she said. I’ve never met him or contacted him. I wouldn’t mind

meeting him, but who wouldn’t.”

Spears, who shot to fame with her singles “Baby One More

Time” and “Oops! I did It Again” told the paper her boyfriend

Justin Timberlake, 19, of U.S. pop group N-Sync was “the perfect

man for me.”

“I love Justin. We’ve been around each other since we were

kids so we know each other very well,” she said.

However, the pop world’s most famous virgin said she was

still some way off being ready to settle down and marry.

Spears also revealed that she would like to branch out into

acting and longs to play an evil character.