Lawrence on a Hot Streak

October 20, 2000 -- "Big Momma"'s looking at a big paycheck.

Thanks to the $100 million-plus success of Big Momma's House, Martin Lawrence is poised to pull down $20 million for two upcoming comedies for Columbia, according to Variety.

Lawrence is already getting $16.5 million to star in The Black Knight (which was once slated to star Chris Tucker), but Big Momma has put him into that rarefied $20-million-a-pic league.

If all goes forward as anticipated, Lawrence would star in Blue Streak 2, the sequel to the 1999 film, and the action comedy National Security.

Blue Streak 2 would re-team Lawrence's criminal character with cop Luke Wilson in the time-tested 48 Hours buddy formula.

National Security — and remember, this is being billed as an action comedy — would have Lawrence teaming up with the white cop who's been falsely accused of administering a Rodney King-like police beating to him. Naturally, there are real baddies for the ad hoc duo to pursue in the course of the film.

Lawrence most recently wrapped the MGM comedy What's the Worst That Could Happen? with Danny DeVito.