Rosie Says She'll Retire

Down-to-earth celeb Rosie O'Donnell is considering leaving her successful daytime TV show in order to do something "more fulfilling."

In the November issue of Ladies' Home Journal, O'Donnell reveals the news that she plans to quit her day job once her contract with Warner Bros. runs out in 2002. The outspoken host wants to devote her time to facilitating adoptions through her nonprofit organization.

Rosie has already joined 39 children with new parents, including a baby for former Charlie's Angels star Kate Jackson. "I call Rosie my son's 'angel mom' because God used her as the conduit to bring him to me," Jackson told Home Journal.

O'Donnell, who now has four adopted children, says she loves doing her show but is "sick of all the crap that goes with it." She has fiercely protected her family's privacy and made news when she announced that her son Parker would head back to school with a (possibly armed) bodyguard. A radio caller had threatened to kidnap Parker in 1999, putting O'Donnell on alert.

The wisecracking personality admits that she has a huge soft spot for kids. Her New Jersey-based Rosie Adoptions facilitates adoptions between birth mothers and future families. "I get such a rush when I have a baby who's hard to place, and I find a family that's overjoyed with the child," she says.