Björk Film Opens With Money-Back Guarantee

Love Björk or your money back!

It seems like a dicey proposition at best, given the Icelandic oddball's inclination to squawk or scream as often as sing. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, that's exactly the offer that a U.K. film distributor is making to British audiences who aren't delighted with the musician's big-screen debut, Dancer in the Dark.

The Lars von Trier musical, which won the coveted Palme d'Or prize and garnered Björk a Best Female Performance trophy at this year's Cannes Film Festival, received mixed reviews from critics and audiences following a limited release Sept. 15 in London's West End and Scotland. So to show its support for the flick, U.K. film company FilmFour is offering moviegoers a money-back guarantee when it goes into general release on 37 screens across the United Kingdom and Ireland on Friday, Sept. 29.

"If you go to see Dancer in the Dark this Friday, the 29th of September, and decide, having watched the film for at least 30 minutes, that the experience was not worth the price of your ticket, the cinema manager will refund your money to you," Peter Buckingham of FilmFour promised. The special incentive is only being offered on opening night, however.

Pity Björk's American record company wasn't gutsy enough offer a similar deal with Selmasongs, the new album of songs from the film. Despite listing at the regular full-length retail price of $18.99, it contains just seven tracks and a paltry 33 minutes of music.

Dancer in the Dark, which made its U.S. premier at the New York Film Festival on Friday, enjoyed a box-office take of $91,000 for its opening weekend on just three American screens. The film, which co-stars Catherine Deneuve, opens in Los Angeles on Oct. 6 and in additional U.S. cities on Oct. 20.