Pacino and Partner Double Their Pleasure

After all those mob movies, it's hardly surprising to hear that graying Godfather great Al Pacino and girlfriend Beverly D'Angelo are in a family way. Not only that, it's twins!

Break out the cigars, dude.

Gossip columnist Mitchell Fink of the New York Daily News says D'Angelo is due around the end of the year. Pacino, 60, and D'Angelo have been stepping out together for about three years now. Fink says the proud parents-to-be have learned the gender of their young 'uns but have chosen to keep the secret to themselves for now.

Might there be wedding bells in their future? The never-married Pacino has been one of Hollywood's more notorious confirmed bachelors for years, whereas the 45-year-old D'Angelo (perhaps best known for playing Chevy Chase's put-upon wife in all those Vacation flicks) was married for 11 years to Italian duke Lorenzo Salviati.

In other news of all things Pacino, the star recently revealed to reporters that, in the early years of his acting career, he nearly followed the example set by Marion Morrison and Archibald Leach.


John Wayne and Cary Grant, of course. Addressing a packed press conference at the Toronto Film Festival — where his sophomore directorial effort, Chinese Coffee, is making its world premiere — Pacino said that he once considered using the screen moniker Sonny Scott.

"When I was a young kid, and you were going into acting, you weren't supposed to have a vowel at the end of your name," he explained. "It was just a natural thing that you'd have to change your last name."

Chinese Coffee is an adaptation of the play of the same title by Ira Lewis. Pacino, who played the lead role on Broadway, also stars in the film, as a struggling novelist who gets more honesty than he bargained for when he asks his mentor (Law & Order's Jerry Orbach) for a critical appraisal of his latest work.

Pacino's first feature as a director was the experimental Shakespeare adaptation Looking for Richard.