Martha Stewart Frightens Trespassers

ByABC News

August 23, 2000 -- Domestic doyenne Martha Stewart may tell a lot of people how to live, but apparently someone needs to tell her how to chill.

Recently, the nit-picky media mogul was far from the serene homemaker image she portrays on her TV show, when a lost limo driver felt her wrath firsthand.

The driver, Richard Anderson, says he was taking a group of women home from a bachelorette party Aug. 13 when he took a wrong turn down a private road near Stewart's Seal Harbor, Maine, residence. Supposedly, once Stewart saw the strange car on her property, she called the cops, jumped in her car, and blocked his limo with her vehicle.

She allegedly asked him what he was doing there, and "then she went off like gunfire," Anderson told USA Today. The typically soft-spoken goddess of household oddities was angry that strangers were on her property, fuming to the befuddled driver that she was sick of people coming to her house uninvited.

Stewart's rep, Allyn Magrino, said that Stewart "cherishes" her privacy. When an unknown vehicle showed up after midnight, Stewart apparently got nervous and reacted strongly. While we hardly blame her for being cautious, perhaps her nerves have also been frayed by her latest project: a CD of bloodcurdling Halloween sounds.

No joke — Martha's disc will contain the very frightening sounds of chainsaws, cackling, and a drinking glass being set down with no coaster underneath it. Titled Marta Stewart Living Spooky Scary Sounds for Halloween, the CD was concocted from "actual sound effects [Stewart] uses at Halloween in her own home."

The advertisement says that the "eerie" sounds were originally created to scare trick-or-treaters at Stewart's own door. And judging from how much she hates visitors, we can only imagine how truly effective they must be.

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