Paris Hilton's Wardrobe Malfunction

Paris Hilton can blame her recent run-in with a horse on a wardrobe malfunction.

Instead of wearing, let's say, cowboy boots — or even sneakers — Hilton, 22, opted for stiletto heels when she went for a ride on a 7-year-old horse during a taping for The Simple Life 2 at the Bull-It Rodeo in Hernando County, Florida, on March 19.

Immediately after saddling up, the hotel heiress was thrown to the ground.

"Paris was wearing these big heels and kicked the horse right into the ribs," eyewitness Rex Hinkle tells Us Weekly's Hot Stuff.

"If you kicked me in the ribs, I would have done the same."

A Dazed Hilton Seeks Hotel Comfort

After the fall, Hilton appeared dazed and confused and there was blood on her face. She was airlifted to St. Joseph's Hospital in nearby Tampa where she was released after a few hours.

When she woke up the next day in her Hernando County hotel room (yes, it was a Hilton hotel), she complained that she was too sore to join Nicole Richie for their required day of working on a local resident's home-improvement project.

So what's a bruised heiress to do? Sources tell Hot Stuff that Hilton spent the day at a beach. And this isn't the only thing we've learned. As this new season of the hit Fox television show follows the pampered rich girls on a cross-country trip in a Winnebago, we hear Hilton and Richie aren't exactly roughin' it.

For starters, the two have completely ignored the no cell phone or two-way pager rule. And they don't actually sleep in their Winnebago but check into hotels.

And as for that signature pink pickup truck, it's just for when the cameras are rolling — they're usually chauffeured around in a mint-green Dodge Caravan.