Gibson Tells Mayan Expert to 'F--- off'

Mel Gibson lashes out again, this time with the F-bomb.

According to the Web site, the star shouted the expletive at a Mayan culture expert during a film class Thursday at Cal State University.

Alicia Estrada, an assistant professor of Central American studies at the university, accused Gibson of racially stereotyping in his recent film "Apocalypto," according to the Web site. The movie is based on the decline of the Mayan kingdom.

When the professor asked him if he read any books about the culture before directing the film, Gibson said he had. Estrada then reportedly persisted asking the question and called scenes in the movie wrong and racist.

Gibson's response?

"Lady, f--- off."

The Web site said that other members of the Mayan community were escorted out of the class when the incident occurred and Gibson got the last word, by shouting, "Make your own movie!"

In Gibson's defense, his publicist, Alan Nierob, told TMZ: "This person was a heckler who was rude and disrupted the event, so much so that the event organizers had to escort her out."

Gibson has gotten into hot water over previous outbursts. He spewed anti-Semitic slurs at a cop who arrested him last summer on drunk driving charges. He later apologized for the incident.