Lauren Conrad's 'Life Changing' Decision?


Monday night's finale. The hot Hollywood-lister tells the mag, "I know that something happens in our lives, but I don't know what they're showing. … Something very exciting happens in my life. I can't tell you what, obviously, because it has to air, but it was a life-changing something." RIVETING. Check out the photo too ... could provide a clue! Could it be that she is dating ABC's "Brother's and Sisters" heart-throb Dave Annable? (LINK)


Apparently you do if you've read this far! It must be a slow celeb week ... US Magazine sits down exclusively with wicked sister Stephanie Pratt. Spence's better half goes into detail on her Winona Ryder-type bust back in 2006 when she allegedly hit Neiman Marcus up for $1300 worth of goods. The difference between us regular folk and Pratt is not only that it wasn't a bodega she robbed, but that it was a Neiman's in Hawaii of all places. (LINK)


Take a look at Julianne Moore who simply gets better with age. (LINK)


Looking to expand her 6,000 square foot NYC digs, Madonna is not taking "no" for an answer -- at least not with out a fight. The hot mamma has filed a complaint against the co-op board of her Manhattan apartment building. Madge says they've unlawfully held up the purchase of a neighboring apartment. As much as I love her, she may lose this one. If you live in NYC, you know one thing is for sure: You NEVER win a fight with a fierce co-op board! (LINK)