Spears at 46: Not a Pretty Picture

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday, Britney Spears had the body of a teenage gymnast, the hair of a modern-day Rapunzel and the sweet face of a Southern gal who had just made it big in Tinseltown?

No? Didn't think so.

Spears' recent spree of bad and bizarre behavior — shaving her head bald, forgetting to put on panties, gobbling down fast food, clubbing nearly every night and reportedly popping pills — has left her looking tired, bloated and haggard, as if she hung up her pop-princess tiara decades ago.

And if she keeps going down the same road, she'll look nothing like her former self in a few years. The Web site Ageprogression.org used Spears' current diet and reported alcohol and drug use to project what she'll look like in 20 years, at age 46. It's not a pretty picture.

Of course, the receding hairline, double chin and feathery wrinkles are by no means guaranteed. Spears, who had a stint in UCLA's psychiatric ward earlier this month, may have to make it to 46 to inherit all those riches.