'American Idol': Hello Goodbye for Some?

It could have been a hard day's night when the 12 "American Idol" finalists tackled the Lennon/McCartney songbook. But a number of contestants rose to the occasion -- notably the lightly regarded Chikezie, who fused bluegrass and classic soul on a raving version of She's a Woman that ranks with the season's best performances to date.

David Cook's impassioned "Eleanor Rigby" and Carly Smithson's wailing "Come Together" were also highlights, making up for a flat "In My Life" from Ramiele Malubay, a dismally countrified "Eight Days a Week" by Kristy Lee Cook and a misguided "I Saw Her Standing There" by David Hernandez. Surprisingly, front-runner David Archuleta stumbled (and forgot lyrics) on "We Can Work It Out," perhaps delaying his instant coronation.

Tonight (Fox, 9 ET/PT) one contestant will be sent home. Musical justice would dictate that Kristy Lee will earn that distinction.