Young Celeb Parents: When Will We Hear Wedding Bells?

Young celebrity parents and their babies are the focus of weekly magazines this week. Catch up on how the new moms and dads are doing and if a wedding is in the works.

You'll know when Richie, Madden marry

Nicole Richie, 27, and musician fiancé Joel Madden, 29, pose for photos with daughter Harlow, 9 months, in People, out Friday. "When we get married, everyone will know. It will happen when it happens," she explains. As for their strengths as parents, Madden says, "She's really good with the baby. I'm really good with finances. All of Harlow's education and all that stuff, I already have planned."

Spears, Aldridge are in no rush, either

Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, and fiancé Casey Aldridge, 19, do a cover-story interview in the next issue of OK!, out this week. Their daughter, Maddie Briann, was born in June, and they're in no hurry to walk down the aisle. "We both agree that we want Maddie to be a little bit older so that she can be a part of it, so that she won't just be sitting there the whole time" Spears says. "We want her to be old enough so that we can enjoy it. We are engaged, and we are really happy with where we are right now. There is no rush for anything. Isn't that right, Casey?" Aldridge elaborates, "Some people think that you should just get married if you have a baby and you're young. I think you should try it out and see."