Stylists weigh in on dressing stars in black for the Golden Globes

For the first time, celebrities will be dressed all in one hue.

This year, things will be different.

In a show of support for those who have come forward in recent months with tales of sexual harassment and assault, many stars have said that they plan to wear black to the awards show on Sunday to keep the focus on the issue of gender equality.

"Because everybody does look good in black there is that kind of ease to it," she explained. "However, I think there still can be individuality in that where some people are going to have full skirts, some will have body-conscious ones, some people will be in tailored pieces. I am excited to see the variations of how people wear it and with my clients specifically none of their looks are similar."

Cloud said to expect to see women in all different types of outfits, including suits, jumpsuits and separates. Accessories, hair and makeup will also play a major role this time around, she added.

"I do think you will see colors in the accessories," she noted. "Even though it is about unity, everyone is an individual so it’s not a faceless situation. The whole point about it is is to stand up and have your voice, and with that comes your faith in who you are. So I think it is still good to be proud of that and show all of our differences."

However, the decision to wear black is not just one made by women. Philippe Uter, who will be dressing "Stranger Things" actor Noah Schnapp for the show, said his client will be wearing a black tuxedo -- a decision he made with Schnapp's mother's input.

"In a way it’s easier because you have to find only black [options]," he added.

The Golden Globes begin Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET.