Summer Movie Preview: A Rundown of Rom-Coms, Action and Buddy Comedy Hits

PHOTO: Summer Movie Reviews - Transformers 4, 22 Jump Street, TMNTObtained by ABC News
Summer Movie Reviews - Transformers 4, 22 Jump Street, TMNT

The summer is here and that means blockbuster movies.

But three months is a long time and there's dozens of movies set to hit theaters nationwide. So, what should you see in the coming weeks?

Here's a rundown of what you'll get if you're looking for a romantic comedy, action hit or even a comic book reincarnated for the big screen. There's A LOT to choose from, so grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

Warning: Some trailers might have offensive language.

Romantic Comedies

The Fault in Our Stars, June 6

Rated - PG-13

Shailene Woodley is Hazel, a sick teenager living off oxygen tanks, who meets and falls in love with Gus (played by Ansel Elgort) at a cancer support group. It's the usual romantic story that is bound to be heartbreaking yet inspiring that love can find its way into such a bleak situation. Bring tissues ... and Twizzlers.

Begin Again, June 27

Rated - R

Adam Levine acts, Keira Knightley sings, what more could you want? Well, enter Mark Ruffalo (yes, the Hulk) who plays a disgraced record-label executive who stumbles upon Knightly's character performing in New York City. Do you smell love in the Big Apple? The answer is yes. Or it might just be good pizza, either way, it's a win-win.

Magic in the Moonlight, July 25

Rated - PG-13

Emma Stone and Colin Firth starring, with Woody Allen directing - this is gonna be good folks. Firth is tasked with debunking Stone's supposed psychic abilities. But, in typical Allen fashion, there's love and a twist on the horizon. Oh yeah, and some neurosis.

Blockbuster Comic Book Movies

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, August 8

Rated - N/A

Yep, the heroes in a half shell are back - Turtle Power! Megan Fox stars as crafty reporter April O'Neil (who just also happens to be smoking hot) and her life changes when she video tapes four turtles fighting crime in the subway. Basically, something you see every day in New York City. Will Arnett also stars, so expect some witty comedy too!

Transformers: Age of Extinction, June 27

Rated - N/A

Talk about an upgrade for Michael Bay, trading in Shia LaBeouf for Mark Wahlberg. Optimus Prime and the gang are back for another installment of Transformers. Add in Kelsey Grammer, Stanley Tucci and some dinosaur Autobots - and you've got yourself a summer hit! Also, could this be the movie Bumblebee finally figures out how to fix his voice? They can make dinosaur robots, but they can't cast Zac Efron to voice the yellow Autobot?

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, August 22

Rated - N/A

Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke are back in another Frank Miller classic, shot in gritty black and white. But this time, Alba is joined by Eva Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jaime King and Josh Brolin. Seems like all these A-listers are after the same woman--should make for one heck of a movie.

Bromantic Comedies

22 Jump Street, June 13

Rated - R

If you like "21 Jump Street," and of course you did - it was awesome - then you're going to like the sequel even more. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are back and heading to Spring Break ya'll! This is the epitome of a good bromance film. You know who else is back - Rob Riggle and Dave Franco. Must See!

Sex Tape, July 25

Rated - N/A

What?! Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel can't make a bromantic comedy? And don't you dare call this a romantic comedy. In this flick, Segel and Diaz are married and have to hunt down a racy video they had just made in order to spice up their love life. Plus, you get to see the ageless Rob Lowe, Ellie Kemper and Jack Black.

It's like Marshal and Lily from "How I Met Your Mother" 10 years after the finale - except with Cameron Diaz. #Winning!


Lucy, July 25

Rated - N/A

Scarlette Johansson has always said there is something kinda violent about her nickname ScarJo, well even though she doesn't like that name, she's earned it here with a "violent," yet seductive performance. In "Lucy," Johansson becomes a merciless warrior and takes down her captors while becoming the ultimate human in this Sci-Fi thriller. Basically her character in "The Avengers" with her own movie and super powers. Oh, Morgan Freeman and his glorious voice are in it too.

The Expendables 3, August 15

Rated - N/A

If you want to see every big action star from the 1990's, then this is your movie. Sorry, Gushers, Fruit By the Foot and Ecto Cooler sold separately. Stallone, Statham, Banderas, Snipes, Lundgren, Gibson, Ford and Schwarzenegger - this franchise just gets bigger and bigger. Who said movie stars had to retire, they just do an "Expendables" movie.