The Sweet Gesture Adam Sandler Did for 8-Year-Old Fan With Leukemia

See the video of this boy asking for a BBQ with Sandler.

In late July, John Kinnear wrote a sweet note about Jeff Lynch, whom he worked with in 2004 and his son Grady, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in February.

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"He has a long, rough road ahead of him, but with the support of his awesome family and his doctors, I am confident he is going to kick cancer's butt," he wrote on Ask Your

Kinnear works with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and "This time I'm not asking for any money, just for you to use your personal reach to get a message out," he wrote on July 24.

Grady's wish?

"Grady wants to have a low-key BBQ and eat a kosher hot dog with Adam Sandler," he added. "So anyway, just a shot in the dark, do any of you know Sandler or someone who knows Sandler, or someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Sandler. If you do, would you mind showing them this video?"

So guess what happened. Sandler got in touch with the boy and gave him a call.

"Adam Sandler's people reached out to me earlier today and we were able to get them hooked up with Jeff and his wife Carry. Adam was fantastic and called Grady directly this evening, the two of them hit it off and had a great conversation! Here is a pic of Grady on the phone with his hero! Thank you all for your help in getting this out there. You are all awesome!" reads an update on the blog, along with an adorable pic of Grady smiling wide.

Here's Grady's sweet video prior to Sandler giving him a call.