'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: 7 Dramatic Moments from the Premiere

Get all the details from last night's dramatic episode.

ByLesley Messer
August 05, 2014, 11:10 AM
PHOTO:  This summer, 25 of "The Bachelor's" biggest stars and most controversial contestants are back looking for a second chance at love on "Bachelor in Paradise."
This summer, 25 of "The Bachelor's" biggest stars and most controversial contestants are back looking for a second chance at love on "Bachelor in Paradise."
Francisco Roman/ABC

— -- As much as the "Bachelor in Paradise" cast insists that they don't want "drama," they managed to pack in a lot during the premiere of the new ABC dating series. Somehow, in the first installment, there were tears, backstabbing and, of course, steamy makeout sessions.

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Here were seven of the most talked-about moments from the first episode:

1. AshLee Declares Her Love for Graham: AshLee Frazier made it clear that the only reason she signed up for the show was because she was convinced she and Graham Bunn were meant to be. So, when Clare Crawley, unaware of these strong feelings, asked Graham on a date, AshLee stormed off in tears. In the end, Clare agreed to take someone else to the Mayan ruins to avoid causing a rift in the house.

2. Clare Makes Friends with a Raccoon: Going on a dating competition show is undoubtedly tricky, especially in the beginning when nobody knows who to trust. However, this might be the first time a cast member has gone outside the species for comfort. After AshLee made it clear that she was upset when Clare asked out Graham, Clare confided in a raccoon that she didn't want any drama with her castmate. The raccoon did not respond.

3. Michelle Money Arrives: For the first part of the show, the women were on edge when they realized that one of them was going home. Then Michelle Money arrived and the stakes were raised even higher. Two people were going to be eliminated!

4. Lacy Makes a Big Decision: After being sent home on the first night of Juan Pablo's "Bachelor" season, Lacy Faddoul was determined to make a lasting first impression this time. Did she ever! Both Robert Graham and Marcus Grodd were taken with her after she cuddled with both in the ocean. So, when she got a date card, she was faced with the decision of choosing between her two suitors, on whom she was split "80-40." (Her words.) In the end, she picked Robert.

5. Marcus Fights For Lacy: Needless to say, Marcus, who was invited on a date by Sarah Henley and made out with her, was upset when Lacy chose to hang out with Robert over him. Luckily, he went first in the rose ceremony, and gave his flower to Lacy before Robert could. Does this mean the tables have turned?

6. Michelle Kujawa Eliminated Herself: Before Marquel Martin could present the first rose in the rose ceremony, Michelle Kujawa interrupted him and said she had an announcement to make: She was leaving the show. Michelle felt that she didn't make a connection with anybody and didn't want to be in Tulum anymore, so off she went, leaving her castmates scratching their heads.

7. Goodbye, Daniella: With Michelle gone, only one woman would be eliminated in the rose ceremony. The pairings went like this: Marquel gave his to Michelle Money, Graham gave his to AshLee, Dylan Petit gave his to Elise Mosca, Marcus gave his to Lacy, Robert -- completely thrown by the fact that he couldn't be the one to give a rose to Lacy -- gave his to Clare. Got that? Then Ben Scott gave the last flower to Sarah. And with that, Daniella McBride was forced to pack her bags and leave the Mexican resort town of Tulum.

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