Why Taylor Swift Isn't to Blame for Washington Nationals Power Outage

Nationals and Dodgers players blamed pop star for power problems.

The power failure was likely caused by a faulty circuit breaker, the Nationals said today. The game will resume Saturday afternoon.

"It was replaced shortly after midnight and the lights were tested throughout the night with no additional outages," the Nationals posted to Twitter. "While we believe we have identified and corrected the issue, additional tests are being conducted by the manufacturer of the field lighting system."

The team also apologized "for any inconvenience this incident may have caused."

But before the Nationals said what caused the lighting issue, frustrated players from both teams pinned the blame on the pop star, who had a power malfunction during one of her concert's at Nationals Park this week.

During her concert Monday, a piece of equipment that allowed the singer to rise above the stage seized, stranding Swift in mid-air.

"I'll just be here, forever, stuck up here, unless I choose to jump down," she joked to a sold-out crowd.

The glitch was soon fixed and Swift returned to the stage.