Taylor Swift, Nick Cannon and More Stars Share Their Valentine's Day Plans

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are keeping things simple this Valentine's Day.

ByJennifer Abbey
February 13, 2013, 2:52 PM

Feb. 14, 2013 — -- intro: Hollywood's biggest stars certainly have the means to buy each other over-the-top Valentine's Day gifts -- but some stars prefer to keep it small, while others choose not to celebrate at all.

Over-the-top Valentine's Day gifts aren't really country power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's personal style.

"I think small things are a big thing to us," McGraw told ABC News Radio. "I think, 'cause outside of our personal life everything is so in the spotlight and sort of magnified so much, for us small things are more important, are really what makes our life turn."

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Those small moments in their relationship often revolve around their three daughters, who are growing up fast.

"It really is about waking up in the morning, being with your kids and having breakfast," McGraw said. "Driving them to school. Talking about your day at the end of the day at dinner. Those kinds of things."

Of course, McGraw and Hill are creating big moments on stage for their fans with their Soul 2 Soul shows at the Venetian in Las Vegas. They're playing four shows there this weekend.

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quicklist: 1title: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannontext: Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, are already parents to twins, Monroe and Moroccan, who'll turn two in April. But it appears as though the couple may be considering expanding their family.

Cannon told the New York Daily News that his and Carey's Valentine's Day plans are to "[make] some more babies."

"We definitely got a babysitter for Valentine's Day," Cannon said. "Those are the special moments. I am a hopeless romantic and so is my wife."

While both Carey and Cannon have said in the past that they might not want to have additional children because Carey had such a difficult pregnancy, Cannon said he's already planning the perfect baby-making scenario, which he said involves "rose petals, a lot of Luther Vandross playing in the background, chocolates and roses going down." Guess we'll know in nine months whether or not his plan worked.

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quicklist: 2title: Taylor Swifttext: Serial dater Taylor Swift is surprisingly single this Valentine's Day. The 23-year-old told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that she is keeping things low-key this year.

"I'm probably going to be with my friends or rehearsing," she said. "I'll be, like, working on the lighting rig and, like, the lighting cues. ... I don't think I'd rather be anywhere else, to be honest."

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quicklist: 3title: Katie Holmestext: This will be the first Valentine's Day for Katie Holmes since her split from Tom Cruise last year. But the 34-year-old won't be spending it alone. The "Batman Begins" actress told E! News she'll be spending the weekend with her 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

Holmes said the weekend will be filled with "lots of chocolate and probably some stuffed animals."

"We have a lot of good plans -- we're gonna do some cooking classes, gonna go to the spa," she said, before joking, "I know, it's gonna be a tough weekend."

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quicklist: 4title: Josh Duhamel and Fergietext: Josh Duhamel and Fergie have been married for four years and their romance is still going strong this Valentine's Day.

At a screening for his new film, "Safe Haven," in which he stars alongside Julianne Hough, Duhamel told Popsugar.com that it's not about being over-the-top but about being together.

"It's more about having fun," he said. "It's too much pressure to try to outdo yourself every year on Valentine's Day, so whatever I do I just try to make it come from the heart."

The 40-year-old actor suggested making something meaningful instead of an over-the-top gift.

"First of all, it's less expensive. And second of all you get to be creative," he said.

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quicklist: 5title: Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacresttext: Unlike Duhamel, Julianne Hough's boyfriend of more than two years, Ryan Seacrest, goes over-the-top on Valentine's Day. The 24-year-old actress said the "American Idol" host's romantic gestures make her feel "so cute and special."

"[He likes] surprising me and ending up at a restaurant and having the place cleared out and rose petals and stuff like that," she told People magazine at a screening of her new film, "Safe Haven."

Hough said she had no idea what Seacrest, 38, has in store for this year's celebration, but she knew there would be something because the radio host loves to celebrate the day.

"This year, I think it will be more understated, like [celebrating] real joy of what we truly have," Hough said.

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quicklist: 6title: Freida Pinto and Dev Pateltext: Freida Pinto and Dev Patel began dating after starring in the 2008 Academy Award-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire." The stars are still going strong, but they admit that they don't celebrate Valentine's Day.

"I actually am not a big Valentine's Day supporter," Pinto, 28, told Us Weekly.

Patel agreed, saying, "Every day should be a celebration of love."

While the couple doesn't have any plans for the big day, they said their ideal date night is dining out.

"We're big foodies. It doesn't look like it, but we love food," Patel said. "Going out and eating at restaurants is very fun"


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