Taylor Swift Gives a Sneak Peek of Her 'Wildest Dreams' Video

The full video will premiere at this Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards.

August 24, 2015, 12:07 PM

— -- Taylor Swift debuted her star-studded video for "Bad Blood" the night of the Billboard Music Awards, and now her new video, "Wildest Dreams," will premiere Sunday, the night of the MTV Video Music Awards.

Specifically, you'll be able to catch it during the VMA pre-show, which starts at 8 p.m. ET.

The star posted a brief preview of the clip on Twitter, writing, "Wildest Dreams music video preview. Full video debuts VMA night. Get ready."

The clip is a quick montage of shots of an eye, horses running, zebras running across the plains, a bird flying, Swift, 25, and a guy locked in a passionate embrace, and an old-fashioned biplane flying. It seems that the video will resemble a mini-movie with an exotic setting.

Stay tuned!

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