Taylor Swift's new music video '…Ready for It?' is an ode to new boyfriend Joe Alwyn

The singer is now dating British actor Joe Alwyn.

— -- Taylor Swift isn't shy about putting her personal life into her music.

And in her new music video for "…Ready for It?" -- the first track on her upcoming album, "Reputation" -- Swift seemingly dedicates the video to her new boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn.

Although the main storyline has Swift facing a cyborg version of herself, destroying her dark side, fans caught several references to Alywn.

The nearly four-minute visual was directed by her longtime collaborator Joseph Kahn. He wrote on Instagram that it was "such a pleasure to collaborate with both a powerful creative artist and fantastic human being."

Here are all the references to Alwan we caught, and some you might have missed.

1. 1991

In the first few moments of the music video, which has already been viewed more than 5 million times, Swift, 27, is seen singing in a black hoodie in front of graffiti.

Noticeably behind her left shoulder are the numbers "89" and "91" written in red and yellow spray paint. 1989 clearly references Swift's birth year, while 91 seems to be a nod to Alywn's birth year of 1991. The sign comes right before Swift sings, "Younger than my exes/But he act like such a man.”

2. 21

Before Swift walks into an abandoned warehouse where a cyborg version of herself awaits, she has to punch a secret code. The code just so happens to be the numbers "2" and "1." It appears to signify her boyfriend's birthday. Alywn, 26, was born on Feb. 21.

3. What does this mean?

Can't read those Chinese letters? Don't worry, we'll translate. Swift put those characters below, which mean Joseph in English, hidden in her music video. It's her boyfriend's full name. But it could also be a nod to the music video's director of the same first name.

4. Halo

And in case you ever doubted how Swift felt about her boyfriend, she put his name on a wall in the music video with a halo above it. Looks like he's her angel.