5 Things to Know About Pip Andersen

PHOTO: Pip Andersen is seen in this undated Twitter profile picture. Play@piptrix/Twitter
WATCH 'Star Wars' Casts Two Newcomers

When production resumes on Star Wars: Episode VII, the galaxy far, far away will have two new stars in its orbit.

Lucasfilm announced that Crystal Clarke and Pip Andersen will join the stacked cast. The actors were discovered at a series of open auditions held across 11 cities and visited by over 37,000 hopefuls.

According to The Independent, Clarke and Andersen are slated to appear as "Rachel, an ambitious, 17-year-old street smart orphan 'using humor and guts to get by' and Thomas, a smart, fatherless guy in his late teens or early twenties who 'understands you can’t take life too seriously', respectively.

While both are relative unknowns, Andersen has already cultivated a cult following in his native Britain. Frankly, we can barely keep up, but here is what we know of the soon-to-be celebrity:

1. He Can Probably Handle His Own Stunts

An accomplished parkour practitioner, Andersen is best known for his exceptional acrobatics. Over 26,000 people subscribe to his dedicated YouTube channel.

2. He's a Wiz in the Kitchen

According to his Instagram feed, Andersen likes to whip up colorful fruit salads, roasted vegetables and banana smoothies.

Please note the heart-shaped ice cubes.

3. This Isn't His First Franchise

While Andersen's acting experience is limited, he has been linked to a famous franchise before. Sony spotlighted his Spiderman Sense in a 2012 Xperia commercial.

4. Sorry, Ladies. He's Taken.

Andersen married his childhood sweetheart, Becky Butcher, in 2009. The couple met at Sunday school and wed nine years later. The Telegraph reported that the excitable groom, then 18, was so overcome with emotion that he did a back flip as he and his bride exited the church.

5. Still, He Does Clean Up Nicely

Five years later, Andersen is still impressing his wife. This past January 21, she took to Twitter to report his latest feat: