'Once Upon a Time' Evil Queen Lana Parilla on the Big-Season Finale

The season finale airs this Sunday on ABC.

In the last episode, viewers saw Evil Queen Regina’s love, Robin Hood, stepping in front of a magic crystal to sacrifice his life for her.

“I don’t think anyone demonstrated that much love for Regina before,” Parrilla said. “I think she’s quite overwhelmed by all of this, but that was like a test of true love, really. I think she’s devastated and we’re going to see how she handles that loss in the finale.”

For fans wondering whether Regina will ever love again, Parrilla said her character is going to “need some time.”

“I think right now she’s heartbroken and probably not ready to love anyone, aside from her family, at this point.”

Parrilla spilled some hints on what to expect in the two-hour finale.

“Emma and Regina go on a journey, on a mission, to try to find Henry, who has gone on this rogue mission with his girlfriend, Violet, and then we have Snow, Charming, Hook and Zelena back in Storybrooke and they get sucked through this portal and into a new world,” she said.

Catch the special season finale this Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.