Tom, Katie and Suri: Cruising to Fashion's Best List

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and daughter Suri dressing well together.

Oct. 13, 2009— -- There's something to be said for the family that dresses well together.

Since Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes, the fashion quotient for both actors has gone up exponentially.

Cruise went from Ray-Bans and tighty-whities -- remember his groundbreaking scene in "Risky Business"? -- to double-breasted suits and designer jeans.

Holmes went from Boho dresses and jeans to couture mini dresses and Tom Cruise's jeans.

Daughter Suri's arrival elevated their style once again. Apparently, the 3-year-old is her mother's fashion muse.

When Holmes recently launched her own fashion line with Hollywood stylist Jeanne Yang, she told British tabloid The Sun, "It has been my dream forever to be in fashion and I'm truly inspired by my daughter, Suri. She just loves dressing up."

If The Sun is to be believed, the pint-sized Suri Cruise loves dressing up so much that she has amassed a wardrobe valued at more than $3.5 million.

Not so, said Cruise's rep, Jeff Raymond. "This report is ridiculous, and simply not true," he told

Even if Suri's wardrobe is worth considerably less, it's clear from dozens of photographs that the girl already has some designer taste, ranging from a Burberry coat to specially designed Christian Louboutin kitten heels.

"You don't hear of Lourdes [Madonna's daughter] being dressed like that or Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's kids," celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch said. "You see Maddox [Jolie-Pitt] wearing the same T-shirts. They are kids. Most celebrities want their kids sheltered from this kind of existence. They want them shielded from the media. But it's like they [Cruise and Holmes] are pimping her by putting her so out there."

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Get Makeover ... From Suri

The couple was photographed in Boston recently wearing coordinating plaid shirts: Holmes embellished hers with a flowing scarf, Cruise had epaulets. People magazine has said their matching look is inspired by their love affair.

"Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes live as one-one heart, one mind, one outfit," People wrote in 2006.

On their recent Boston outing, Suri wore a pink short-sleeved dress -- with no jacket -- and those infamous, sparkly kitten heels.

Will she be wearing those when she turns up at the Catholic pre-school she will reportedly attend while her daddy films his latest movie? Perhaps she'll exhibit some of that early fashion sense her mother talked about and trick out her school uniform.

Apparently, Suri isn't the only one with an eye for fashion. Cruise also offers fashion advice, according to Holmes' upcoming interview with Elle magazine.

"He usually likes everything, but sometimes I'll walk out and he'll say, 'I think that dress might be wearing you. You don't need that,'" she says in Elle's November issue. "Tom has great taste."

Holmes favors designers Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney and Azzedine Alaia.

"I like Ralph Lauren because I feel like it's very American, and I'm pretty all-American, from Ohio," she told Elle.

As for Cruise, stylist Bloch said, "I think it's lovely Tom wants to be involved in her [Suri's] wardrobe, but he's got a lot of more important things to do."