Top 5 Crazy Celebrity Fashion Trends

PHOTO: Actress Blake Lively is seen on the set of the TV show "Gossip Girl" on location on the Upper East Side of New Yorks Manhattan borough, Nov. 9, 2011.Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic
Actress Blake Lively is seen on the set of the TV show "Gossip Girl" on location on the Upper East Side of New York's Manhattan borough, Nov. 9, 2011.

intro: Hairy legs are so passe. Hairy toes, now that's something new.

Take a gander at the latest trend sweeping the celebrity-dom: Christian Louboutin's "lion paw" heels. From afar, they make the wearer look as though they have two sets of furry feet. Come closer and you'll notice black jewels standing in for toenails and a yellow crystal-studded stiletto heel that gives gawkers something to look at once the paws have padded past.

Officially called the "Alex" heel, they reportedly retail for $4,995. Undeterred by the price point or creepy similarity to taxidermy, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively are wearing them.

It's far from the first time a celebrity trend has made the rest of us go, "huh?" Click through to check out four more outlandish celebrity fashion trends.

quicklist: 1 title: Shutter Shades text: Glasses are supposed to help you see. Shutter shades pretty much prevent that by effectively putting Venetian blinds over your face. They first popped up in the '80s, but their continued existence speaks to the popularity of Kanye West, who made everyone want to cut their ability to see in half when he rocked them in the 2007 music video "Stronger." media: 14932560

quicklist: 2 title: Sparkly Nude Bodysuits text: You've got to be pretty bold to don something flesh-colored, skin tight and spangled in any situation, like say, alone in your bedroom with all the lights off so that even if someone could see in your windows, they wouldn't be able to tell what you're wearing. To put on an outfit like that and step out in front of millions of people? You might be a little nuts.

Britney Spears rocked one in her "Toxic" video and at the 2000 MTV VMAs; Cher's done it twice. (And hers was an even more daring sheer, black bodysuit. Also, she was 62 the second time she wore it.)

Now, Nicki Minaj is jumping on the bandwagon, proving that the sparkly nude bodysuit really is a trend that transcends decades.


quicklist: 3 title: Hammer Pants text: Let's go back, way back, to 1987, when a rapper named M.C. Hammer busted onto the music scene with infectious rhymes and just-make-you-want-to-boogie beats. And the pants. Oh, the Hammer pants. Cavernous, airy things of wonder, they allowed you to do the running man and look like you were in the middle of a rapidly inflating hot-air balloon all at once.

Their popularity dwindled in the '90s, along with Hammer's money. Now, they're kind of, sort of, back "in" again as harem pants.

True Hammer fans would never confuse the two.

media: 14932585

quicklist: 4 title: No Pants text: Really, harem pants don't stand a chance next to the celebrity pants trend du jour: None at all. Lady Gaga hasn't worn pants since 1992. Rihanna, since the '80s. We're being facetious (Rihanna was born in 1988, though, so she probably wasn't wearing pants then) but, in truth, you don't have to search far to find a pants-less star. In fact, you can see a bunch of them here. media: 14932573