Tove Lo Doesn't Mind That the Whole World Is Mispronouncing Her Name

The Swedish singer's name is not phonetic.

— -- Tove Lo is one of the biggest breakout music stars of the past year, but you may not be aware that your'e saying her name incorrectly.

In her native Sweden, the "Habits" singer's name is pronounced "Too-vah Loo," but she doesn't correct people.

If things had gone differently, nobody would have ever have gotten the chance to mangle Tove Lo's name, because originally, she was a behind-the-scenes songwriter who never thought she'd be in the spotlight. Now that she is, though, does she long for those days of anonymity, or does she love being a pop star?

"I mean I love being on stage. I love performing. So that side of it is amazing," she said. "It can get a little overwhelming with how in-demand you are ... [but] I know that if that goes away I’m gonna miss it."

"I think I had a little bit more freedom as a writer, but it’s also so amazing to be able to release my own music and to sing my own words," she added.