Trump roasted by late-night hosts after he stops midspeech to search for water

Naturally, late-night TV hosts jumped on the opportunity to mock the moment.

— -- President Donald Trump's desperate search for a bottle of water during a speech from the White House on Wednesday -- a bottle that ended up being right in front of him -- was way too rich of an opportunity for ridicule.

Naturally, late-night TV hosts jumped on the opportunity to mock the moment as Trump bent over to look below the podium, until someone in the room pointed out that the water was in its usual spot -- off to the side and in front of him.

“Next time Marco Rubio should drink his water from a glass as opposed to a bottle — would have much less negative impact,” Trump tweeted in 2013.

Trump re-enacted Rubio’s thirsty moment nearly three years later during the presidential campaign and called Rubio a “total choke artist.”

“When they put Marco on to refute President Obama's speech, do you remember that catastrophe? And he's like this and we will -- I need water. Help me. I need water. Help. And he's -- this is on live television. This total choke artist, it's Rubio,” Trump said in February 2016.

For what it's worth, The Wonderful Company, which handles media relations for FIJI Water, released a statement saying, "Well, just goes to show FIJI Water is perfect for any party!"

And Colbert took a moment to show his audience who the "real sexiest man alive" is.

"Look, no offense to Blake [Shelton]. He’s a solid 7. But Sexiest Man Alive? More like Sexiest Man at the Home Depot, if it’s not busy," Colbert tweeted Wednesday.