Uzo Aduba Feels Like a 'Princess' Post-Emmy Nomination

Uzo Aduba reacts to "Orange Is The New Black's" 12 Emmy nominations.

— -- It was a hot morning for “Orange Is The New Black,” which garnered 12 Emmy nominations this year – the most for a comedy series, including Outstanding Comedy Series.

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“Oh my goodness; I am truly speechless,” Uzo Aduba, who plays series favorite “Crazy Eyes” said today on “GMA LIVE!” “I’m so so feeling humbled and just thankful for not only myself, but our show to be recognized. I feel like a princess or something.”

Aduba, who originally auditioned for the role of track star Janae, played by Vicky Jeudy, is happy to be on the show regardless of who she depicts.

“I got the call saying they’d love to offer you another part and I was like, ‘oh okay!’ And they said crazy eyes and I was like, ‘…oh …okay,’” she said with a laugh.

The show has captured so many fans, a response that Aduba said she could never have imagined.

“When we were working on it, we’d get the script, and it felt so powerful and beautiful and the characters were so well-developed and multi-dimensional,” she recounted. “When I would watch my fellow cast mates shoot I would think, ‘Oh my god; you are incredible.’ I’m so glad people are loving it as much as we loved making it.”

"Orange Is The New Black" toes the line between comedy and drama, something Aduba recognizes as being part of the show’s success.

“I think about the best comedies that I see always touch on something rather poignant,” she said. “And the best dramas I watch always have some levity to them, so I think that wonderful balance that Jenji [Kohna, the show’s creator] has managed to occupy within the framework of our show allows us to toe the line.”