Victoria's Secret Models on How to Love Valentine's Day

Listen up, guys: the women of Victoria's Secret have some advice to offer this Valentine's Day.

"First of all, a guy shouldn't be shy to come into the store and choose something really sexy for his girlfriend," Victoria's Secret bombshell Candice Swanepoel -- aka Victoria's Secret angel-in-training -- told at the lingerie line's pre-VDay event in New York. "He should definitely do a little snooping around to find out sizes, maybe find out what she likes, if she likes to be comfortable or a little racy."

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Victoria's Secret Models Show Their Love

What if you don't know the object of your affection well enough to buy her a bra or something similarly sexy? What if you (dramatic gasp) don't have an object of affection at all?

"Eye contact," said Swanepoel's fellow bombshell, Erin Heatherton. "If you like a woman ... if you make eye contact with her, that's better than any pick up line."

Beyond that? Believe it or not, food is the way to these willowy womens' hearts.

"Usually my boyfriend cooks for me, which I really love," Swanepoel said, adding that pasta always wins points in her book. "It's really sexy."

Candice Swanepoel.

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Of course, massive servings of pasta and itsy-bitsy pieces of lingerie don't always mix. Physical activity is necessary, and the Victoria's Secret bombshells do work out -- Heatherton practices pilates and runs outdoors. But when it comes to looking good in next to nothing, she said it's all mental.

"Being confident and sexy in lingerie is really more about how you feel than how you look," Heatherton said. "Being a bombshell is all about loving yourself, loving your body, your curves -- everything about yourself. If you love yourself truly, you're going to radiate confidence. People will see it in you."

But being confident -- and five-foot-eleven, and blond, and incredibly in shape yet impossibly curvateous -- doesn't always mean that love falls into your lap. Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith, as Heatherton did when she got on a plane to London to lock down her now-boyfriend.

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"Fighting for love is not easy," she said. "You always want to stay reserved. But if you know you love someone and you're willing to fight for them, that's a pretty strong statement."

Erin Heatherton.

Victoria's Secret Models on How to Love Valentine's Day

Say you're single? Live it up with friends you love.

"Take a chance, go out, go with some friends if you're alone," Swanepoel said. "Surround yourself with people you love and it should just fall into place."

So, men and women alike: head into Valentine's Day weekend with confidence and a fighting (but yet loving) spirit -- after all, if you're going to take advice from someone this holiday, a Victoria's Secret model is as good a sage as anyone else.