'80s Girl's Fashion Transformation

Greta Monahan reveals how she remade Lynne Byrne's outdated look.
3:00 | 08/21/12

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Transcript for '80s Girl's Fashion Transformation
america" viewer, lynn byrne. THE '80s ROCKER STYLE IS VERY Much alive. She sports jean cutoff, she loves the bon jovi t-shirts. This is I cut out-of-her, it tells you what she feels comfortable with. Unfortunately that's what i look like every day at home. Today's fashion forward, we have gretta monahan, she's a style expert. She's going to bring lynn up to date. Welcome! it's good to be back. How did you find her to be when you set out to begin this? Josh, I opened the door and i was transported into time. I was like, oh, my god, that's HE IN THE '80s. Head to toe, the hair, the shirt, everything. A concert-going girl. It was a past. Total past. Let's take a look. Yeah. Good afternoon, america, come on in. I'm lynn, I have a 10-year-old son named dylan. My husband, jim I've been married to for 16 years. I KNOW I'M STUCK IN THIS '80s T, I would love it if you would help me. LET ME SHOW YOU SOME '80s Stuff I go to all of the time. Rocker t-shirt, bon jovi, my aerosmith t-shirt. These are my favorite. If I lost she's I would die. My hair, I feel it's kind of stuck somewhere. I just don't know what to do with. So I always go to the manages. My makeup is very easy, because I don't try so hard. I just -- foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow, that's it. I like to try new things, I just don't know how to. You have everything, right? Lynn? We just shopped. We got everything here. It's about wearing something that's fitted but appropriate. This -- no go. Okay. So the first thing I want to do is get you fit properly. So let's check out this v-neck on you. Okay, great. Whoo! You don't see your waist this those baggy t-shirts. So, lady, what are you thinking? Makeup? She's got great eyes. Unbelievable. With the brows I'll clean them up. She'll have a bolder brow. The hair, I'm thinking something super dramatic. I would love to see her with some kind of red stone. Now I'm going in with color. I'm going ratically change you. Ready? Okay. That's it. You guys have to go. Because I want you to be surprised. I'll see you when she's done. okay. So, joining us now are jim and dylan, and husband, son, what are you hoping to see -- how would you have described your wife's look? Well, she might have thought SHE WAS STUCK IN THE '80s. She was just fine by me. yeah. So anything from here is icing. Sure. It's all good. Dylan, do you have any idea what to expect here, bud? Not really. Dylan took this picture of his mom. How different do we expect her to look, greta. Jaw-dropping. Just get ready, because this concert groupie is now a rock star. I can tell you -- I can tell you, amen to that. Amen to that. Get ready. When we come back, the unbelievable transformation revealed. Go nowhere. ♪ ♪ ooh la la,read between the lines ♪ ♪ I knowa blessing in disguise ♪ ♪ ♪ YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE Between paying more and getting more. That's value sense. At scott we're all about value. Introducing the scott shared values program. 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I think romney would definitelydrag us back... ♪ welcome back to "good afternoon america." I know I speak for lara. We are suckers for a good makeover. Here we go, stylish guru gretta monahan. Made over rocker mom, lynn. Once again, check her out before. Let's take a look. There she is. She's also right here. She said she felt stuck. That's a really important thing, so I'm told. That she felt stuck. The baggy concert, t-shirt and jeans -- I think it's safety. It's like wearing a security blanket. It's like a comfortable old pair of shoes but sometime us got to break out the pumps. I think it's time to see the

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{"id":17051303,"title":"'80s Girl's Fashion Transformation","duration":"3:00","description":"Greta Monahan reveals how she remade Lynne Byrne's outdated look.","url":"/Entertainment/video/80s-girls-fashion-transformation-17051303","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}