Armie Hammer's on Great-Grandfather Armand Hammer

The actor discusses his unique background and adolescence in Hollywood.
7:09 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Armie Hammer's on Great-Grandfather Armand Hammer
I have to bring up that your great great grandfather is great great great. Which is great just great -- to greats -- just. He was great great parties agree did you -- didn't patted on the head LA -- go into acting -- Upgrades aren't you would if you would have had a heart attack I'm sure you're not going to do -- -- talked about it. Yeah you know ever try to occupy the office -- just saw him now -- -- -- I was I was four when he passed with Republica. When. A 66. -- note that I would -- You could reconsider all of these in golden -- go -- Even. -- -- I didn't mean to but I do have memories and they're very different from sort of what other people are -- like sort of you know whether it was. Oil tycoon abuse you know the political players who -- wave pool. We're very different stories like you're walking it was -- -- who call godless global news technical group that entered. You know -- my memories were very different Sitka. But Kentucky fried chicken he loved wearing Batman -- to make us laugh like like that kind of stuff -- -- but there's also the Armand Hammer they even though that came before it and -- -- and it went after after him back. He was. He came in and -- part of the company he. Church & Dwight was the parent. They started this patent and he was like. That's so funny that's my name can -- buy your company like sorry we appreciated says that -- -- -- publicly traded ought to. Did you get -- Anthony Vincent health insurer for treatment yet was that childhood was -- you. Like you are now you know fit -- ready to take on the world. No memento. When I moved back to LA I was thirteen and I didn't. And I have long hair and you know. Like -- -- get picked on -- think nor public defender and features an acute please call girl -- but remember as a kid like are trying to walk into the men's public -- -- in the -- -- when you don't like. -- are a guide to see what I hear that -- music journal you know. So that was tough you know and then moving away from the Russians so much freedom like it's fantastic thing you've got to live from -- -- Thirteen. -- it was a bad idea but then they move to LA at puberty yeah. -- that the -- really -- -- yet from an environment where everybody's friendly to everybody because everybody knows -- but he environment where. Junior high and middle school in Los Angeles is harsher than anything I've experienced in -- with adults I mean it's it's -- environment for. I heard from somebody and I I won't tell who that when you were growing up you can imagine yourself as Macaulay Culkin in home. I don't know any kid or I don't know anyone who's under maybe. When he 830 who has not student here at one time when they put Cologne on the -- And I have that from those of you in the room did you all do that with them than anybody ever playing on the electrical thing yeah yeah yeah okay okay that is -- I know that fit yet now we elect I do -- thing where it's a whole cheese pizza just for me. If he's -- us from. And it. You do great uncle and come back fortunately that attitude Benjamin button down empty -- For -- -- because I'm too old to do but now you're in a movie opposite Snow White we get -- now. A year -- told -- that and that's that you pulling prince charming. Is that you have to don't know charm and many notes because I hate the term -- -- -- you -- it it's not that has begun its nerdy like prince charming really like like bar -- Akron you know. When you print. And once he's bag itself right. No I'm I'm I'm Prince Andrew -- and you know what it is like and then in the story moves toward the -- of very. One dimensional care comes in it's kind of -- -- yeah he's charming yet that he's from prince charming. So we were just like can't do I won't just play prince that's sounds horrible one -- one -- -- Let's talk about and -- and talk about the character disorder. Came up with torn from Clint Eastwood -- parts damaged its own story I -- hate yet bizarre like it's like you know you go from like the quiet it's -- and where things just like. Minimal new delta -- -- guys apparently disguised in the grip for thirty years in this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's like a three ring circus it's like a loud and brash and things bright and colorful and it was he would very different but it's time. I wanted -- -- workers many different Lorenz. It was a good opportunity. So really can't Phil's daughter is no light she is and get the course now or something yeah we -- -- snow namely fish stuck with her and Julie -- -- evil queen evil queen while his plea. To clean up that. -- The again. The Lone Ranger comes after. Johnny Depp is Tonto yeah you're the Lone Ranger you talk this through with them no -- -- discussion. No I mean I think the project has been on on it's -- little bit. -- -- -- -- We're not jump in -- -- early still but I'm what I'm getting at is that the implication of this movie wouldn't be. Lone Ranger and Tonto had a relationship. At that they couldn't quite express right that unrequited love yet the I think that. It would make sense I mean is it different being -- -- and going from kissing Leonardo to you know wearing asked what's chaps so it all. Think that -- perfect -- Brooks. Worked out but that's not the -- -- who -- -- part 43 you know. As we come to the end of every show that I do here including with mr. -- I was asked the same question I ask people to our express themselves in song in music -- and something that means something to them maybe it's the song. Clyde would have some. To know -- care if it happened or anything that fracturing. Can you okay are coming sister really. I want them to this right but you should do it in -- -- due to failure OK just -- just go. I want they're -- -- at a doughnut it's clear to Belgium and that -- to god that it had acted out that this. Well I think Clyde was too sexy for fair and I think that you've hit on something I'll bet you people when you see. You feel I think so thanks so alarming forgiven thank -- actually -- to -- -- Let's -- right.

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{"id":14933201,"title":"Armie Hammer's on Great-Grandfather Armand Hammer","duration":"7:09","description":"The actor discusses his unique background and adolescence in Hollywood.","url":"/Entertainment/video/J-Edgar-hoover-biopic-armie-hammers-great-grandfather-armond-hammer-14933201","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}