Aaron Carter's 'Fantastick' Role

The singer talks about starring in the legendary musical and dealing with fame.
5:03 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Aaron Carter's 'Fantastick' Role
Aaron -- -- used to -- in front of thousands of screaming fans will now he's performing in front -- -- a whole new type of audience. He starred in a fantastic the world's longest running musical and we're very happy that we could steal about five minutes of his time today. The stop by populous Arab ally -- good to be I'm glad god where we'll stop -- because you do how many shows a week. I do eight shows with a fantastic story on. We still -- like we have a schedule like that as opposed to -- -- out on tour. It's actually pretty similar. I would say. It's a little bit more vigorous with you know with Broadway schedule and you know sometimes that we we can have couple days off in between. You know doing my own to earn my own concerts in usually they allow -- I'm -- in this economy because obviously everyone knows he from the statement that from a different type stage. How -- even come about because I mean this the fantastic obviously is a legend -- in the theater community. And mean and you pay you play the central character Matt minutes got to be it's somewhat of so -- -- and a little bit of a pressure to have that. Huge huge amount of obligation to to kind of bring it. Yet it's it's it's deadly a lot of pressure you the opportunity came from -- amazing management team in have a great team. Behind me and you know it being they presented the opportunity to me -- You. We think about fantastic. I have no idea what it is. But but I'll do my due diligence -- it out and see what -- about. So obviously that you can dance -- amazing performance and dancing with the stars and the big questions -- can you bring that kind of performance into the kitchen you recently on Rachael vs guy on the food network of that go for in this. A lot of yeah. It is entertaining in I I had a good time -- -- think -- too seriously. You know especially with that is not known and being you know big -- for anything. The purpose for me being on the show was to raise money at a you know win the 50000 dollars for -- maturity kids -- cancers. It's it's great cause in an obviously. He's just a vehicle owners feel as well I'd have yet I don't know so what's -- -- -- -- we we expect to see another album coming out soon are you working any thing. I'm in the studio right now actually relay satellite I've been in and out of the studio in the last couple of years but right now we're really at narrowing down the sound and. It's it's pop you know I'm I'm a pop singer -- feels you know the stuff I absolutely yeah absolutely and -- -- Gina. It's like you know the aaron's party in Iowa candies and how I resent all the stuff you know it's it's it's amazing it's amazing songs -- -- means and songs and I love what I've done -- am proud of what it done. And I have got to get my fans you know. But -- used to what they know but like a grown up. Version -- W -- -- have a very devoted fan base that actually took some time off. Get your head wrapped around a few things where you -- now. You know -- I'm in a very good place the ocean going mentally and you know and my health you know and then implement a great place in -- ups and downs and he -- It's it's it's hard you know sometimes -- having here your life always in the spotlight and and you know the media always look in the -- down and play. You know the great thing is is that I don't. I don't necessarily -- perilous undetermined damages calling me out on what it is -- we know when I'm in a better place to help pick. Back cities that you think you ever been unfairly characterized unfairly portrayed. I mean I don't know in outside of a big gossip tabloid kind of thing but I mean in some of the more mainstream articles of some the more mainstream coverage you think you've -- -- bad -- Absolutely absolutely I think a lot of the times in the media looks for somebody to to take it on on in you know sometimes they run out of options and -- her. In here you know here -- -- you know. So they they they picked me to pick on in and and that's fine because. At the end of the day makes me stronger human being -- -- I have -- -- The better appreciation for life and in I can give back with what I've been through you know. And you know it's not like euros saying the media is always trying to tear me down and keep me down you know. But it does happen and yes I am you know picked out you know in an impact on -- made fun of him but it's. You know if that's the way of our world you know and what I try to do such packages. You know Steve stay positive -- and embrace. You know good energy and -- -- that for the rest of the world you know and -- even now you know. -- people make up things about me in the same things about mean you know -- -- -- the media one minute I'm too skinny in the next time two you know -- You know I haven't gotten too fat and. Obviously it's not going to be from it lazy and has clearly you're doing eight shows an -- and on the road I mean it continued success to you of course you can see. Aaron Carter in the fantastic from now until April 22 he -- actually just extended yesterday. Congratulations. That's amazing -- continued success to you -- much had.

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{"id":15422722,"title":"Aaron Carter's 'Fantastick' Role","duration":"5:03","description":"The singer talks about starring in the legendary musical and dealing with fame.","url":"/Entertainment/video/aaron-carters-fantastick-role-15422722","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}