First Look At ABC's Hit Show 'The Assets'

Harriet Walter discusses her role on the new ABC miniseries.
3:00 | 01/09/14

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Transcript for First Look At ABC's Hit Show 'The Assets'
Television spring season is underway at ABC's brand new miniseries the assets is already -- people's attention it is based on the true story. -- past CIA officers tracked down a mole within the agency joining us today from the assets is David Harriet -- welcome thank you. So this is an interesting story based on a true story what is the premise have been -- Well premises that Jerry in the mid eighties they discovered the CIA discovered that a lot of that assets IE dead. That question people who was who -- spying for America within Russia. Was suddenly dying off -- disappearing. -- it and it was a big coincidence or was something was afoot. And so they -- that they had to go through whole long presence which took more than ten -- it's really. To track down and finally decide that it was someone with it and because it could have been many other circumstances that could have been. Somebody found that the ministry you know it -- the -- made many ways in which. These things -- happened and so they had to narrow everything down to the fact that there was a moment amongst them. And then that. But -- we know who it is because this is a famous case of Aldrich Ames who is now in prison for life and so that's not it's not a mystery who -- -- it's how did they. How do they prove it is really the point of the the -- -- your character and her partner come to determine who it was within the exact -- they actually have a clip so we're gonna play that now -- Money into GQ and a new officers -- Mitchell thanks comedian. We've missed -- around here yes you have things have really slipped. To know about that I do know they have. So we see -- there she -- it -- very interesting story she started the tightness in the agency she seems very serious and varied stirred into how would you describe her what we need to what she's about sixty or 5060 something like that when she's being of the agency for life and she's never married -- -- had kids. But from what I read about it which was young she really went into this because she wanted to travel she was quite adventurous lesson and it seems like -- I don't -- -- -- that's I think something big tent when she was young. Leon and that in the situation that made her top defensive. And she says in the in the film I'm not a people person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Co wrote the book -- sort of treatment. That this whole thing is based so she had she was capable of really deep relationships but she was probably very defensive and who knows what happened I mean women were treated quite badly in the fifties and sixties she. She was very over qualified she she couldn't rise within the system was quick to as a man woods I think that given their -- defensiveness. But it was fun to -- someone says that of speaks how it how it comes to ahead without any deploy -- diplomacy -- -- -- gentleman just. That was fun to play when we see your character uttering those few lines begin at right -- we get where I stand. You prepare for the character and the CIA is it an American institution yes it -- -- it -- well the thing is that. Of course -- you -- pay attention fact -- America but but really people of people. And down I social tips of the real G -- thing though that's not too much -- the Russell kept. And it doesn't give too much awake if she doesn't get too much anyway and I didn't physically -- very like so I just tried to take some essence of the way she. Focused it was ready to do with eyes that she doesn't think much that she. That path ahead is slightly down and she's on the case she's been using the -- -- ended -- coming out what's and I took it from that that this woman was not distract people buys some petty things -- she -- on the case and she had the kind of analytical mind that was not stead of doing. Night after night to ninety day after day to day borrowing grueling work because in those they didn't -- -- -- kind of Internet traces of people in an email -- she just had to go through. Real boxes and boxes of -- -- -- interesting you've had quite a career you were a very famous stage actress uber famous film actors and we've recently seen in Downton Abbey is now playing a very different character. -- not be called to get right now had been responding to get the call I think -- right. It's -- to get yet because I've been following it because it's like it it's like a soap opera -- away -- that that it in an old fashioned house with with beats them. You know the the wonderful device -- -- no country has we can have the output. Apple stands in the downstairs people into mingling in -- like forty characters that you -- -- but -- within one house. And that's kind of the way things -- in those days and I think it's fascinating that -- these two worlds cross rather than. And the mix and -- I'm not sure they did so much in the real that I I read about some house -- -- I -- after seven years and I never even met the the guy Iraq. Right but never -- -- so and so. It is so tied it that was such bust -- is that you could build -- without meeting -- buses. And -- weld was downstairs or -- says but I love what I love about this series is that people do -- to -- in the bucket really cares about. Deal with the -- you know. I'm Michael that. Two very different roles congratulations on -- and we look forward to seeing you. In the sentence and he continued to the assets Thursday night's 10 PM on ABC.

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{"id":21481234,"title":"First Look At ABC's Hit Show 'The Assets'","duration":"3:00","description":"Harriet Walter discusses her role on the new ABC miniseries.","url":"/Entertainment/video/abcs-hit-show-assets-21481234","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}