All Aboard for the Holiday Train Show in New York

ABC News' Charli James tours the New York Botanical Gardens seasonal model train display.
18:32 | 12/14/16

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Transcript for All Aboard for the Holiday Train Show in New York
Happy holidays everyone I'm turning team and you're watching ABC news digital parent live right now at the New York Botanical Garden in New York City I'm and this is the annual. Holiday trains Sally it has become a holiday tradition for so many families here. In New York City and also more tourists who come to visit this city during the holidays. And you're gonna give you a little bit of a war and hearings he takes it along and kind of achievement of the curators here at the parent botanical garden. I'm thanks for joining us so it. Rain is in the title of the snow but you can also make an argument that these beautiful structures here that we're seeing and the bridges. I'm Arnold at center he's. He does talent and people at home maybe aren't from new York and it's familiar with the train's snow. What exactly that exhibit details. Some aren't the holiday train show is a display. More than 115. New York City landmarks. Almeida plant parts and all. A range throughout our conservatory. A lot and some along with. Trains that run across bridges and along across more than not half mile train track that we like every year. Gonna talk a little bit more about the specifics of the trains in a little bit but first let's talk about this building now we see behind here that's actually special because. It's a replica of the building that we are standing in right now cracked. This is our own eating out. Conservatory. The conservatory has been part of the train show for many years. Last appearance when he fifteen our partners that applied imagination actually completely agree envisions the building and what you're seeing today. Is our new version of the conservatory. They completed all of the architectural deep counts using plans from when the building was first erected here at the garden in the early twentieth century. And you can see details. On that. Tops of the columns we have kind Collins. We have little seed pods forming the details of the freeze about the answer this and then the beautiful glass dome which in reality is ninety feet tall. When you stand inside the conservatory is made out of re it's better then covered this beautiful luminous resident. And topped the magnolias seed pod. Really amazing how in Tikrit this is calling handmade all made out of plant parts. And we're gonna start just walking through a little then we won't give details as we goes through him can you give up. An example of how long my tape. For artists to create a lately. So I had built it's as detailed as the conservatory which we were just looking acting take months. And that they believe took three months to complete. And that's with a team of up to ten artists working on different components of the building. Some of them are not just like our train stations take a matter of weeks. But isn't it applied imagination are starting a process from studying very detailed architectural drying studying historic photographs of the buildings. Looking at contemporary photographs. And then gathering all of their source material so they're combing the woods in the fields around their Kentucky's studio. And they are. Keeping an eye out throughout the year as they move through different botanical gardens installing exhibitions. Looking for that perfect swing. That perfect little piece of mosques or whatever it is that they might need for whatever is on their project roster for that moment. So I want to point out as well for people watching him on that they are there and ridges around here to these are also bridges that are replica. I'm actual bridges around New York City so at. I know many of aspects that you're seeing here of the show. Who are playing games here a New York City as well as well. Do you all are created everything we hear from scratch out some of these are after the diet. Time here after a year ago how long does it take to put that together once you get everything out of storage sure it takes is about two weeks but the whole show together. Adding it's. Moving plants around wringing all of the buildings and working from plans to protect. Configurations and other special track engineers come in and lay the track and clean the track and get everything out tuned up. And then there's putting in the infested plants and all the lights so that you feel like you're having the magical holiday experience that we've all come to love. And it begins a native new Yorker it's really wonderful to be able to see all of the buildings that we have come suits to see. You know kind of rendered in miniature pins to feel like you're experiencing all of New York City in a single but that. I want to stop here for a second so we can talk a little bit more about the model trains because it is. Part of the show that really brings a lot of kids especially today show are they is trains. And can you give us MD tells about the types of trains that are used the size we can see here and it's a different sized replica. Stack all trains that you'll see here at the garden RG'S_L. much as the small the largest. Train available and that's that you see at the bottom of this case. Those screens are generally designed to be functional outdoors they can handle little bit of water and things that one might expect in a garden sat eight. Actually were originally created to be used in gardens. We associate trains with the holidays and they've become this beloved tradition throughout the United States. The sort of classic image of a train running around them and tree or in their garden. Is one that really came about as the real red is coming about in the nineteen and then again in the twentieth century at this sort of the stalled more. That period he had to be and we've. And some research in recent years and learned much as possible about train history and share that with our audience because we know that in addition to the buildings and that sort of moment when you realize that back able as a prank gone or on sliced open almond or whatever sort of plant heard it might be. But there's also a real law but the trains and we want sort of half and her. And so he'll see trains that look. More like replicas of actual treaty also see some Thomas the tank engine and his friends like this train here which obviously. Puts a smile on a lot of kids they says. A stray so we're gonna continue to walk through here and we're gonna point out a couple of we can't do everything obviously you're gonna have to come into the new York botanical gardens for that. But we are gonna walk through and point out some of our favorite. Points. But tell us a little bit more about me just walking through here you see how enchanted. The children are that's just tell us a little bit more about how this show is. Is it set up specifically with kids in mind. I. 25 annual tree and shows and we had a chance kind of understand what it is that are visitors are looking for you mentioned Thomas and friends. We we know that our visitors will want to spend a moment with Thomas so we try to put that strain in a location where the kids can kind of land their stomachs and look at Thomas that they want to do. And we know that day you don't want to have that experience of looking up and seeing a bridge are standing right now underneath me and Koch Queensboro Bridge. It is one of our new bridges this year. And that they want to look up in the down and feel like a completely immersed in that magical city south. We try to give them that all immersive experience. As we go around the bend here you're going to start seeing some aren't building that you might recognize. Some payments New York landmarks. Some of these building are a little more partly obscure for people of don't live in New York City even some I've lived here for every decade and some of them I didn't recognize right offhand. But let's take a walk around the corner and there will be. Some buildings here that are instantly recognizable to. Pretty much anyone you know has ever seen pictures of New York that he. I love about the train show is that we have a little bit of everything so we have the oldest acts can't building in New York City. Which is on Staten Island that's part of our collection. And then we have some of the buildings that you might come to expect including a building in midtown Manhattan that you see here like the RCA building. Which of course is they one of the most iconic buildings the holiday season that's where the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is located. We have the ain't the trumpeting aimed thank you can see in front in the channel gardens that that building. Here at garden and then we have other favorites from. From that part of the city's radio city music problem the Mac he has made out of little batters he adjustment of my favorite little details. An ass there's some plants here are some parts of these buildings that he can't quite place exactly. Come about nine when is that that's creating those iconic art Deco light those are little seed pods. The Chrysler Building is another one of my very favorite buildings that we have in the show. We have the flat iron building over here. And it's just a wonderful little been yet we also have some of the department stores Saks Fifth Avenue. These are the stories that we're accustomed to and coming into the cities seeing the beautiful window display is we want to kind of replicate that experience here. And just do want to point out for the viewers this little steep down here that is recreating. Rockefeller Center that would be the Rockefeller Center tree and that famous golden statue. With the angels there at leading up sue. Rockefeller Center building sell a lot of seats helmets on and this particular. Gay. And you can see that kid definitely enjoying it and he said taking his seat and that really. Taking all it now and it looks like you also a lot of school group here as well as a kind of become an educational. Stock. Around the holidays for kids. I think everybody from families classes to. Older families eat out people in their thirties have been coming since they were children come with their parents kind of replicate that experience we see. Families coming with three year were generations who have grown up loving the train Joe's. We kind of puzzling for everyone and we do try to give you a little bit of background about the buildings in the train so that you can have that more. Educational experience that's what you're looking more rain are at let's take a lot. Through any concealed under some more bridges. This is a great train here kind of at eye level of it below that a closer look at how. How those trains love. I imagine it must feel a little sad to take this down every airman that this says he's at the 25 here and a lot of these materials do go into the store edged. How do you make sure that everything statement that statement is all natural materials plant material. Honey make sure that things don't. Procter. Heart kind of get a little. A little damage to eat here. Well as the buildings are finished they are given sort of I'm a layer of protective material hot before they ever Cummins of the show and then. We store them away very carefully. They are all part of our collection here at the garden. And then we you know every year when applied imagination comes we worked with then we do an inventory we see if anything needs to be repaired. But yes it's very important to us to make sure they're protected and everybody has their favorites that they love to see come out of storage every year and it's nice to see old friends and and see them set into the landscape here after hair. I didn't think about that I imagine every here you have people coming wanting to see their favorite building that must be much easier to add things that did take anything away at people at the exact date. We're gonna lock down here there's another building that really. Stood out to me. A little bit further down that I would love to get you to talk about it hasn't bought through here again reiterating there are a 150. Structures here. I'm that are recreating. Their Ratliff 'cause of New York City landmarks in New York City buildings all made out of plant materials so he looked close. I'm you can see every little twig every branch every leaf and seed pod that is making. He is building very well OK so this is one of my favorites. Animal way for the camera to join us every here. I found this building. QB just so unique even among all of the different ones here that this here is a replica of the TWA. That trans world airlines flight center which is still at John F. Kennedy International Airport but it's not active anymore but it's still one of the most. Iconic buildings in New York City and the first thing that jumps out you are these huge leave him there and tell us more about that sure these are Kokomo believe. It's that were collected most likely at a botanical garden by our colleagues at a plaid imagination. And this actually is one of my favorites as well I think this is one of New York's most iconic buildings as you say and it is one of the most striking in our show as well. Can you so is also a little bit more we see on most of these buildings windows. And how well that that's been recreated what used to make the windows on these structures. Linda estimate of residents so all of the millions are made out of reads or other between eggs natural materials and minute Benson is used to create at sort of luminous. Window glass effect op and it has a yellow casts and which also gives you that sentence as he passed through these galleries at night air in that city that's been set aglow. And I think that there's nothing we're dreaming in the holiday train show at night. I'm sure has a completely different feel and you also do a special nights for adults only as much as that seems to be. Holiday favorite for children do also have special art art night we do we have mark Carey night we have. We have our critics this weekend and many other begins for the remainder of the train show and it's an opportunity to see the guard in the garden that night to experience the buildings all lit up. And CU have a cocktail with a friend Gary day it's a really wonderful way to. Spend a weekend during holidays and have to come back and check that out myself so we have one more new area that we want to show you. Before we can include. And I want to point out seeing as though we started in. A section that was. Added support the shadow and now that we've come in to. The main part of the conservatory where I'm feeling the heat I'm Linda Greenhouse of facts here. And it is interesting that. You kind of feel like you're getting a little bit of a tropical to area and flier at the train shell as well. Is this or people. Maybe are coming when it's not a holiday time. What is this conservatory in this part of the temporal garden used for the rest. Witnesses. The Enid apt conservatory is one acre under glass and we have I'll many of our permanent collections. From a tropical regions and also desert regions here in this space and it's a wonderful escape from winter. It's of refuge for all New York ars. Come here and see the wonders of the plant or else the galleries that we've just passed there are rarely hold our exhibition so we changed that space several times a year. And there's always a wonderful exhibition being install there. As well so it's a gray at opportunity to learn. And two escape at the same time they're constantly changing as the holiday tranche and is one of just. Many throughout the year that's being held here at that. Botanical garden a so we're coming up here on the last. Section are gonna show you this is new and I think most people probably recognize the cyclone witches. A famous wooden rollercoaster out unkind Coney Island but can you tell us what else are looking yes this is the near the town gardens tribute to Coney Island. So we have created some of the iconic buildings from Luna Park. Many of which are no longer standing. And added the cyclone we have the wonder wheel back. Behind the cyclone. And this is just agree it's sort of waves and the train show by seeing this collection of buildings from a beloved here Borough of New York City. All brought together here. Now we well let the viewers. Soak this in for a little bags. So much. Aspect as well and as you mentioned before. He is structures are treated to withstand the water admittedly. And soon maybe just a couple numbers while we are. Letting them viewers see this our company trains at a 150 structures how many trains. That. We more than twenty trains in the exit that we have a 150 buildings out whenever botanical trains is going by right now. We have trains they're actually me out of parts as well as buildings made of plant arts here at the guard and we have nearly a half mile of track laid for the exhibition. And it's. Kind of an amazing array of of moving parts and and beautiful architecture. Joanna thank you so much to you and to the new York botanical gardens or taking us on this mini warrior and I have to come down yourself. To see the rest. Or people who live in New York City are coming to visit during the holidays how long is this running and how can I get more information. We're running through January 19. And you can find out about tickets by going to our web site and lady G dot org and all of the information you need is there. I'm gonna go check out the bark. I'd done pretty magical today thank you ever I'm watching on ABC digital and on our FaceBook page we love you face but can't stand thanks for watching and sharing. Tons of our holiday content coming up. On ABC across all platforms so thank you so much for sticking my last hope your having a magical holiday as well and aren't aging.

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