Abortion Opponents to March in D.C.

"View" co-hosts discuss abortion and women's rights.
5:19 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for Abortion Opponents to March in D.C.
This Friday there's a march for life in Washington has been happening since the year after Roe vs. Wade before we get answered I wanna ask a question. You have a baby. And you have abating you have made me. I have baby. Bobbie can I say might have a lot reliance and I we have children anybody out here not for life where often right. So maybe we should stop talking about being troll like what ends what does nobody is not for life. Or I'll grant portion because you know pro abortion you know. We are pro choice. That's a different. I don't know you're a Christian when you're Catholic woman you're. You don't think abortion is right and you should never have watt. I'm on the other hand want to make that decision for myself. And so the women who were marching. Once Friday acting get as I want to give them some really great news. Which is abortion is down. Lower than it was. When Roe vs. Wade began its it's bad it's Lois Lois Lois so one would think that people were able to make decisions. And say I do or I don't want to patent and so that is something I want to tell people because. When you are able to make a decision for you and your family. You are more inclined to discuss what now what you can and cannot damn self I know you want to discuss the fact that you are pro let go ahead my darling. Know that it's up that I I wanna discuss the fact that I pro life right I think we're just discussing this march for life and has been going on since 1974. But. A pro life is not a dirty work. You know being pro life is not a dirty word N and an act. You can't define for me what pro life is just like I can't define for you what feminism is we have an us against you know not as I said we are all pro life I don't think anyone is anti lock I'm not defining anything for you pro choice. Because you can be pro life I don't protest I don't think they're mutually exclusive what I what I will say this might fade. Tells me that life begins at conception. My fate tells me that abortion is wrong wrap my faith tells me that abortion is sick black but. Aunt and I will tell you that 54%. Of Catholics. Believe that abortion should be legal and that is why. Catholic aunt and Catholics by the way participate in this march for life overwhelmingly there about 300000 marchers of a lot of most of them many of them are from Catholic universities and I went to Notre Dame and so I have a lot of friends that attend attend this march every single year health and so. What what my point has been all along is that you can't to find the pro life movement. By the fringe that you see people better killing abortion doctors people that are are extremists. Many many people in the pro life movement 54% of Catholics are like me would be they believe you. You're saying that I just went up but I'm not I have no issue that you have said you don't have to ever have an abortion. Yeah that's the UR I'm not put any one day out what I'm saying is I'm also pro life and I don't like being. Having people define the fact bit I think. Having the choice is a good thing if X doesn't make me less of a pro life present nobody is dissent in Houston but for. Might catch up and I I can I agree with what you're saying but I also hear. Sometimes the term pro life I think those people who bear experiments acolytes and by that they need their fighting for the rights of the unborn not tell about how many pro lifers to find that should feel vilified for K four area that wasn't what I did not I vilified I want there world AM Fred me sue for. To come together and Reyes. They'll rights at every woman person man child out there to have a march to express what they police sent to say to know why. The women's march existed for this and you know what may be Planned Parenthood was a sponsor and that's okay you this is America and you can stand for that and now I have a pro life march. And those people are defending the rights of the unborn and that's OK yeah Allstate. Take away Roby wake that does not stop women from having backroom abortions. A lot of women got killed I worked in a hospital when I was in college. A bid for road anyway again and it was pretty bad but when we do himself yeah so UK as a pragmatic reason that you have to have front row anyway I. As I understand that but but let's face it I mean I think many of us I think we can all agree that. Abortion is not a good thing it's it's. It's not a it's not exactly where you don't want edges do what Neil well it is something that some women have to jail. And that's the idea they can make that decision for them sounds familiar prank. That is a decision that used to be able to make for yourself as with anything if you have a cervical issue you want you don't want somebody telling you you have to have. Just erect I don't agree I I agree that the government shouldn't tell women what they can do so you got a chance not. I know you want.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"\"View\" co-hosts discuss abortion and women's rights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45068815","title":"Abortion Opponents to March in D.C.","url":"/Entertainment/video/abortion-opponents-march-dc-45068815"}