Airports Enlist Clowns, Tiny Horses to Distract Travelers From Long TSA Lines

"The View" co-hosts discuss the ins and outs of airport etiquette.
4:21 | 05/17/16

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Transcript for Airports Enlist Clowns, Tiny Horses to Distract Travelers From Long TSA Lines
Doesn't care and lives have been getting out of the trial lately and as we approach Memorial Day weekend. Here's what some have warrants an inordinate fixed the problem there's sentiment. Clowns. Literally. They wanna make it cute but what you can't you see this clown comment this clown I am always a threat is wanted to greet me well. It means you. I flat area here on. This intimate this is my feet about that just like I don't like either it's scary for life and I think I have cold rolled phobia. Which is if you're clowns rack or act Wendell phobia so what about those people would those phobias you're gonna mess of the lining the more he's gonna have the people running around like. Addicted clown suit and India because they frighten me the house isn't an idea. Now. I'm afraid it. Question I did it and it. She had not old enough yet about Emmett Kelly was not scary never ever Kelly was a great cloudy wonderful clock as one might not well that wasn't right. You know and so does Damon winds cloud Damon went after cannot act. And had them plant. Possible made it a try. And anti moment came and I get on a might be assured of homey gang I'm you don't want. Abstract had to act so let me can't just take all the money they're spending all I'm clowns them. Pours as authentic and cut back unconditionally while I and I think that folks in different and they're hiring class comment one I'm just thinks that if jail. What I don't match up problem as more people are flying than ever and may have fewer agents because the budget has banned as a race in 2013. Let you know the issue is that the people flying don't know what they're supposed to do with where they get to the line got shoes off. You can not. And eighty each have stopped at I think I don't know you have breast milk you think Brad and only we we are back for you don't have a certain amount whichever. No rules ACL my lock you up. Take my shoes off before I even at the turn my ticket and I did everything into my backpack so I don't have extra containers need help I don't like you might not lack. And put the little gray in turn a back in this. And so I am but later and I ask a dumb question. If no I believe me out I now think it's sort. Of the problem I think it's GAAP. If you respond to give their two hours before and everybody's getting their 45 minutes before isn't that want to cause those lines that we saw yet as so many people are cut not that it's not flat early tonight Agilent. And you'll let me cut economy. Yeah kind of crazy. It is agitated now I don't see how that's for me when I'm agitated distraction does not help like I don't online in an agitated up petting zoo. Is not gonna help exit not like it so I'm gonna need a therapist a follow him a line to help me out color. I doesn't bring wine. Bad yeah. Maybe. Take that money. And hire some more TSA agents how to access. Our agents allegedly coming by mid June and they get canine units so things are gonna start how many airports are dogs of the best let me bring in more dogs and if you don't know how many how many how many. Agency says seven admit cloudy Saturday how many airports on 55. I know I have no idea that I had me yeah. Did was give does back a free bag and we Scott been so angry about to get it to five out of greater. Yeah. Yeah member of the fuel tax and they say well we gonna charge you want because fuels on Spencer human Latin dance but born Alice. Give me that money at any moment if someone on the Tucker you know what to do. I don't us. I would just summoned to 44000 airports to warnings what Batman are floral but I think I'm right I sat at 100 agents and so it's not enough how many is hepatitis a is everybody doing man quiet moment lab that's how we come back we'll have yet to be.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the ins and outs of airport etiquette. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39173653","title":"Airports Enlist Clowns, Tiny Horses to Distract Travelers From Long TSA Lines","url":"/Entertainment/video/airports-enlist-clowns-tiny-horses-distract-travelers-long-39173653"}