Alec Baldwin's Alleged Stalker Says He Promised Her Omelets

Genevieve Sabourin detailed in court her alleged relationship with Hollywood actor.
3:00 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin's Alleged Stalker Says He Promised Her Omelets
This is a special room. Hello I'm -- and is in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report the Canadian woman accused of stalking Alec Baldwin. Took the stand today in her own defense and told a New York court. That's in the actor had sex and that -- promised her love and -- earlier in the day the judge who decides the case issued a contempt citation. Sentencing -- -- yet that is -- to thirty days in jail with the latest and all the -- your testimony we're joined now by ABC's caricatures you watched it -- inside the courtroom today hello Aaron. I. -- just it is. Genovese Orion is to start sorting -- thirty -- sentence for contempt of court immediate cues not walking out. Unable to speak with reporters. Frequently -- -- trial instead she has been dating to nourish it's. To arrange care -- hurt dog Gorky. Incident she brought with -- -- Alec -- apartment. On Easter Sunday. 18 well. One of three episodes went -- went directly to a place where he was in violation court order part of the reason she's charged now stalking. The testimony is over the -- -- rested and -- there'll be some nations followed by a ruling from the judge possibly as early as tomorrow. And just to -- -- -- she's serving a thirty day sentence it's not that she's been convicted this is simply for contempt of court. Violation that the judge slapped her with in court today will she it'll to continue to -- the proceedings even though she's now. Yes she comes into court this thirty days is in addition to a potential 98 cents and that she -- or -- stalking Alec Baldwin dislike. -- Larry and both of them testified here yesterday. She was delusional she was threatening she sent to day. She took the -- and -- fuel and annoying but she was not aggressive and she says she only tried to approach Alec Baldwin at his house at his apartment. -- concern here where -- attending. To get closer she says she was entitled to -- a case that she was never going to get over the phone or via email. Now her testimony conflicts with what Alec Baldwin has been saying all along which is that he's never had any kind of relationship with -- but. Till the very different story in -- What did she say -- what -- have to do with it. She said that she and out of Oakland had sex at a lol hotel on 63 street here -- Manhattan following. -- -- -- -- And night out a New York City that included a -- starring Alicia Silverstone and that followed what was really up or week. Increasingly. Personal relationship that developed over the telephone to her first -- 2000 Montreal. Alec Baldwin said it was that would be still. A friend Marty Bregman film producer. And she's hit bet -- -- She does she had dinner with him and our capacity is still publicist in 2000 but over the years. They -- -- option and finally. In -- -- eleven -- develop good and it. And it will be an amendment on eleven to develop an increasingly personal. -- and email relationship. One night she visited New York City he took out was standing by the elevator the -- hotel looking like. Very attractive gentleman. Tucker for a drive around Central Park cricket -- unbeaten record -- she called it the most romantic life. And after which -- -- the -- at Saks which all would not. And Britain they're made all sorts of promises to -- including a promise. To make her breakfast everyday and make for -- lips which apparently there's what are -- But so many promises. That led her to believe that he -- -- -- her she's -- she's still very quickly and looked at. All right and she's not just -- stand -- her say rather inside the courtroom she repeatedly. Judge has addressed the media outside we have -- snippet of that sound as she headed into court. He's confident and yes I did make them since they want. Absolutely. As somebody loses power and lied to myself 'cause we -- his wife is -- in order to maintain more than one relationship. And the same time. And is on his bed. I have -- -- of resentment felt welcome like that and -- improvements and I cannot let go of the media I was going to block any icy so what do you. Therefore I think anybody -- Here -- thing of course you're against me again she seemed to have that. Attitude throughout the proceedings that she is the victim here. She should exceed that someone that she called professional charmer somebody who -- -- Makes his living trying to charm indignant so she -- she was -- to -- kind of strategic deal was ever going to -- from -- public. And that's why she's at a cheaper and Andy Baldwin described Bart and email in boxes voicemail message box and and his wife's -- -- messages. Indicated she would -- this character was staking her pregnancy. Message is that Larry at Baldwin at six meter field. And that I think he stated this earlier she faces ninety day he says sentence if convicted but -- still got to serve that thirty even if she's not ever. Right thirty days in court but rarely -- -- -- with her eight year. -- repeated species and audible running commentary. Of the day's testimony to what she wasn't supposed to -- -- -- -- To -- -- dozens of times to keep quiet and finally. This morning -- away eminent lawyers were discussing. Procedural matters he slapped -- and held camps and even didn't really shut out. -- just last question is this a jury travelers its just a judge. It is not a jury trial -- a bench trial so the judge. Robert Obama's expected to make his ruling is very shortly after a nation tomorrow morning this case it's very lightly -- Or lunchtime. Tomorrow and at that point and -- -- These issues become the butt of jokes and -- Canada -- -- should be Philip until he's -- will ruling on whether she's stalker. All right ABC's caricatures -- who was in the courtroom today thank you so much for joining us. You've been watching an ABC news did you report the defense has rested. In the stalking case involving. Anti Hernandez.

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{"id":20881772,"title":"Alec Baldwin's Alleged Stalker Says He Promised Her Omelets","duration":"3:00","description":"Genevieve Sabourin detailed in court her alleged relationship with Hollywood actor.","url":"/Entertainment/video/alec-baldwins-alleged-stalker-promised-omelets-20881772","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}