Alice Through the Looking Glass London Premiere

ABC's Louise Dewast talks to the director of Alice Through the Looking Glass premiere in London.
5:09 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Alice Through the Looking Glass London Premiere
I am really surprised than anything you've visited hill in London and we hear the European premiere and I'm is three and looking not. And we literally the view combat as you can see behind me and have even going to be a look at how win directed to examine. Led ends saying. My name's Mia I diamond ABC as visited hill and I just like residences on the we need him. Instead there's so many seem. You'll take. The best and I'm not one of my favorite in Namibia got your time at that time is something he sits. Slow down appreciates Robinson confronted or even dislike the possible site. If you know been on a division Tynan has never regret ones like the triple. Can't. Well the film is really about saving and that that's not how it's not that pretty bad things kind of broke. As is to fill in this movie about quest is to fix its status is. He captains very. And so when she finds have been jobless ability to waste is being credited Wright picked up and I don't. I'm not. And history yes that's been done aid loved children. And they can be very funny and so when that happened that and to let it happen. And there's a deadly shooting on stage to go right to life it's basically like daylight is on the lives that was unbelievable equals. That is industry cameras and a crane over the table and up about half an out nonstop attacks. The cameras just like but that's not it's notably allotment then that's but it back identities and fixes again. It wasn't me counting the extent of the cameras that's enough of that. Very much these remedies so a seasoned veterans and and now the guy at the base of the film the first place you. Against those regulations and maybe I don't know. They don't like most of what. Not only that as me he had gotten a premier. April 9 in London and its. Kids on Sunday evening I'm Nancy Johnny and here. On hot delaying I think and not at aren't. And ended then I think families are back tonight pulling your intranet and it's only about. On May 27 and I let me say that it isn't in the Indian ABC is invited me that we were not enough to be invited here. Eyes tonight and I'm Max is flat intently on. And I'm trying champion Lil made I'm even sunken visit and business acumen and trying to make it. Everything looked bad on winning time. This flat into the. He's trying to say used as much nighttime. I'll miss did not appeal. And if you've seen him back. Lots of private. And conduct hand. And citizen and again and all of the big premier is always confident man in masses flat in on bin. And in this me me. Indirect. Can there have been that we just as they waited I really accident gave him and bring the morning then dies and it's many times. I sequel. Is that previous nights and Dodson. And that in. And yes had different kind of mean being fifth this time around. And this isn't in game he admitted that. As to not defending media if you haven't seen the train. There I didn't that I mean time here on that on. CNN Austin traveling with us on that and that instead banks about Nicole if she she goes this magical looking not. And I went to mine than on that hunts he taxi lines that. That magic pulled well is being destroyed. My time the new parents. Which is saved by fashion nine and and Stacy good on a mission to try and same has friend not concert I didn't say bye Joni. From inside the yeah I get banking is out on the on mates when he's seven. And we are gonna say it. And you see who Al. They're gonna come down then you can't bet. My love is simply not think people I think I'm the reason I think they meet the need this bill and on.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"ABC's Louise Dewast talks to the director of Alice Through the Looking Glass premiere in London.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39025464","title":"Alice Through the Looking Glass London Premiere ","url":"/Entertainment/video/alice-glass-london-premiere-39025464"}