Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'

Episode 107: The co-producers and stars of "Equity" talk breaking boundaries and shattering glass ceilings on "Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis."
12:02 | 09/15/16

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Transcript for Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'
Why is money a dirty word like why isn't it okay to talk about what you mean it's called show. BA is. And it is gory to be talent did it work here craft but. It is meaningless and our business like this is a business and you need to understand the business as well as the craft. Was there ever a point along the way this is. Chat apps. So what kept you go. I would say like every time that's happened I've prayed for a sign and then I'll get an idea what it's. Okay if they're really being that I'm never told anyone. It was in my money is. Starting to feel like I'd just look for. Hands. I started things. I'd like to. Me. And maybe Katherine should outlook changed courier. And I started really think. Both the nose job Ike. I need this really need this. But I. Like should I do this or not I need assign assign addition. For a B your rumors now. With going in to leave the week. There is like they hear a girl in fact called her a hero to lot of time and our and the weak and an odd I was going in for the waitress and actors like you're pretty neat indeed waitress should play the hero girl. And one searcher but thick marsh. As the hero girl hands like. That commercial got a lot of play because. Some Google beer commercial blah blah blah. And that pretty girl in and beer commercial I guess I changed my faith play. That I was late pretty clear the ballots one. But. And say rape of America and there was another way I would turned my husband pretty new I think if it. Time we're constantly looking for a new job and you constantly have this pressure to be better than what you get before which is also be pressure and then there's like a ticking clock of age being a woman entertainment which is another thing. My last film backwards which it was my first venture into producing writing and starring in a fountain. Did really well for a small indeed but it did not get into it's a family fat friendly PG film. About when and throwing it didn't get into Sundance I considered not doing another movie because I think it's so hard I now have a son and a two year old at this took two and a half years of my life seven days a week. Through every holiday you know. Two I wanted to me and I said okay I'll try one more time. And the next time went. Equity was that it was the second passive acclaim and a I don't like lemonade property without backwards that's the heat it eat you think it like it. It's EU we need to encourage people to show up to the pie. It's also becoming a TV series and only option right to try start to develop our characters. Into teeny spent not love. That it was all women from start to finish top to bottom. How do you come up with. Completion and I both had mandate we started to work together to just hire female director of female writer and as actresses are south. You know we really wanted to have a film about three strongly. I'm a huge fan. Be that change you wanna see and I dual wielding and talking about things that I don't blank. I like just changing and it was so empowering. Tuesday. What we have the choice we can do what we want we're produce and us. We can hire all women so and a guns character has this moment where she's presenting in its early on in the film and she says I like money. I like numbers I like money. OI do I like numbers. And you look right now what's happening in our world and there's sort of this. I think as a female there's kind of these these two things that are going on on the one hand. We talk about wanting women to make more money we talk about equality but on the other hand there's this. Feeling about wealth and money. That it's a negative cabin it's it's haven't exactly why you dirty words like why isn't it okay to talk about what you mean how have you vote in the course of your careers dealt with that money conversation you've had to go to bat for yourself and shore. Do you negotiate for your deals do you say I deserve more. Apps thing absolutely on a regular use if that's your agent accused thank you I don't I I never get myself yes I am. Hold team and wraps and you know and I had different wraps at different times since. Have been like we should ask for are now double and it was o'clock. You know and you have fear of what it right Dana exactly because you're too expensive and so they're gonna go with someone is cheaper right but you can always. You know thanks for Amazon. I was as spokesperson for the New York Times weekend or commercial years ago when it came after school. And at the time I didn't have them injured agent booked job and they were mentioning new year later. And so my hospital and call to pretend to be an object in your time genius and flew economy night. The amount of money and then only actors in the commercial competent to represent. Another crap they just gonna renew at the scene. And the other thing I'll say is always go for the perk split if they say you know that the low budget movie like we at a private place I. The price it at that tiny movie and they don't have lake what else and you. And they're back and you asked what an enemy does the movie does well you have a piece of the profit and I actually a lot actors are doing now because on these multimillion dollar paychecks but what it. What is involved in. Being both an act. Well that's great caution that not many people asked because not many people actually know what a film producer really does. The word producer has so many different meanings to so many different people. And a lot of times it is part of a contract where. I'll get a contract I'll be like we'll give you producer credit and do nothing so what did you what what actually went into the producing side for that yet. Everything is does that do us and free them from raising the money mean raising. The money to make movies and Jain Norman's Kathy and casting every character finally now. Every. Every staff member every human beings we really hired. Plant it's you know and then cutting it in all of the all of them is. Hebrew work. It's not plant. And I am I mean I don't everything that's ultimately there would be no film without packed component. When I look at both of your background I always love looking at people's back you studied. Bio sake I was a Biotech I wrote my consciousness about hosts like an arrow biochemistry and acting. Or relieve the same thing was that a fallback plan in your mind that you might be at doctor some day or yet. We're strength again Cindy is that humanly highly is that something do you ever considered doing in the future. Now at I get past a lot to life code actually because I love I love sitting down with people it is like my hobby is to sit down at B bone meal like what's your big dream how can I help you you're at Vassar I was at passers year studying in London and then numb at the Eugene O'Neill and can Hanik and I got back from my ear and I found out I had a two. And I had a week of not knowing whether it cancer. And the boy than I was with at that time we did which. And I ended that relationship. And I went elect honored. Trance like I don't. Doctor apparently I had to try it right and and and have cancer. But that was the biggest hit I still have the tumor and it was the biggest gains on the planet. And you were theater from the star. Yeah half from like if your pirated where you say your family laughed initially. It was cute when your kid yeah he freaked out when you're 1518 years they freak out when I was a theater major college and they wanted. Meet have a stable career and one thing I think we reckon I'll say is that. Acting is not stable. You created I don't know I would want to call it a back up plan. But I think that you created many options for years I I you know one thing I try I do you mentor a lot which is something that's you know a theme of our movie and when I'm men touring I talk a lot about it's called show. Bases. And it is gory to be talent did it work aircraft but. It is meaningless or business like this is a business and you need to understand the business as well as the craft. What's the tough as business and you had to learn along the way you have to take daily action as a business woman. You can't just go to acting. Like you really for me I had to market suffering island and marketing and to really learn how to be my own PR person and my own age and my own manager both for. I had AT and how did you get your Brit first big break I've played. Libya in. In twelfth night and I got my equity card and I got my husband's about a thing that's a good ones is that. And then sideways or they think line. Like sort of you know being in an. Oscar winning movie in winning the sag award for that now owns and then you know and then aren't like. Being stopped on the street day only in you know that half. I stepped up twelve feet into the building where the prisoners getting gun gun is on remand the Buddha haven't Pelosi getting into the draft and stuck. To the bottom of my very expensive. Shoes. For zionist project go to school in London for Patrick Arcsight studied Shakespeare which is not so practical on the money making. Light but it really fun. And I can back to new York and live to my sister's couch and are attended. And Doug titled my big wreck was a lot of commercials like a lot of commercials lot of indie film. An uninteresting point both of us experienced is amp. It doesn't. Celine people like if clash on the job he only had gotten that one part my life would have been made and I think for each as the steppingstone. And each one. Hopefully brings you more sixth what's the most difficult thing you've had to learn. That failure happens at 31 and that it's a great lesson and the only 86. And I don't mean small failure I mean fall on your face big my biggest laughs and in any business. There are no rules in Alec that there really are no rules except the crazy rain in Euronet. I think that's the biggest business advice I can mean a learn you learn your area. Learn the rules and then break.

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{"duration":"12:02","description":"Episode 107: The co-producers and stars of \"Equity\" talk breaking boundaries and shattering glass ceilings on \"Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42114160","title":"Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'","url":"/Entertainment/video/alysia-reiner-sarah-megan-thomas-real-biz-rebecca-42114160"}