Alyssa Milano Reveals She's Not Opposed To Her Son Going Into Showbiz

"Mistresses" star credits her parents for not becoming a troubled child star.
8:15 | 09/05/13

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Transcript for Alyssa Milano Reveals She's Not Opposed To Her Son Going Into Showbiz
But I realize that this kind of thing probably happens a lot for you and that it's no big deal had six economy in the office. That's that's -- first for me. Now Saddam -- have -- -- with married with it. It's -- and that is what is happening now but of course we are -- -- pretty tomboy who's the boss and she cast a spell on us in charmed. Nor which nor Tom boy no more -- -- I was taken rusty any role in the ABC drama mistresses or lucky that she stopped by to chat with this new role thinking -- about this new rules. Yet about how about something like our hero preposition -- out there if it can -- on this. Each year on he had some very exciting I'm so glad that people seem to really like this -- is definitely hot over the summer is -- continue -- the fall. No it would definitely not continue into the fall if we got picked up for a second season which we don't know for picked up yet it would continue on as a summer series Betemit and I -- it kind of fits perfectly I think. For summer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't believe him famous -- But -- now when I when I first got the the original offer from a pilot I was I was so. Concerned about the title right 'cause I didn't want to be involved in a show that was going to. Glorify -- glamorize adultery. But I read the script and I thought that the writers did such a great job it really capturing the struggle of way. People go -- in relationships and what people go through when they mess up. Right relationships. And I think that's the thing that we've done really well as try to stay true to how hard it is to be in a relationship how hard it is to make it work. And the fallout. When you step outside of that relationship with my character does in the first episode well. And there and -- have been some strong writing and that's I think -- -- that point talking about who's the boss eight seasons. Can you call it the best gig you've ever had. I think every gig -- a minute as the best -- Andrea yes I mean. And there's very little. I remember from -- Abbas. Because I was so young when we started I was ten when we shot the pilot eleven the first season and I always say like. How much do you remember right when -- that age you don't remember your daily. You know habitual things -- you remember. Birthdays and Christmas is and things like that so that wasn't any different from me. And charmed is really special because those -- especially years in your life. We were on for eight years as well. And -- Just became very close we were very very very close -- in fact. We're in have a little term reunion at my house in a couple weeks fantastic things the and they're happy circumstances yes. I think about people like to hear that because you know what we see on screen -- great unit went -- family or whether it be a group of friends. And we see them working so well together as actors and we often times wonder do they really get along that way. Not only that but what you don't get to see as -- That chemistry between everyone else that works so hard to make a series successful -- the crew members and you know the transfer guys and craft services in the sound guys and and that's what really becomes a family. Well speaking of family you have a two year old son yeah which you have congratulations. Keeping you busy I imagine very busy would you ever let him get into the acting business. You know before Milo was born I would have said absolutely not there is no way -- -- Hamdi that I thought of as the change what I way as it is really. A baby just kind of comes out with a certain. Thing and -- certain personality. And in the best thing you can do. As a parents -- is to nurture who they are innately as a person. And that is already apparent. So if she were to decide. You know at an early age that he wanted to do it I think the only thing I could do is be support and. Because you escape the trappings that often comes with -- acting and -- obviously went on to have a very successful career beyond that but I mean. At the same time you had a good support system. I great support system I had parents with a very healthy marriage then. And I think that that is key -- these kids. I'm very you know -- you see that they walk down the wrong path have really hard family lives regardless of whether or not -- in. Entertainment you know so I think that -- -- kids would've had a hard time no matter what they chose to do it with their lives. What about -- -- talks a little bit about some sort of your family and because the fact that as you -- you grew up on a station you grew up in such a public way. What about your exposure with your -- exposure to the paparazzi -- the press because there's a lot of attention being. Place right now about potential paparazzi laws that essentially would claim it as being harassment Halley Berry Jennifer Garner really at the forefront of that have you had an experience. -- I mean they're family pictures of us. You know and different places and LA -- in the background you can -- paparazzi. And any other world. If a group of grown men were surrounding your child and sane. Yelling obscenities. That would be harassment. So I'm not sure why -- because they're just holding a camera it's any different. It's terrifying. For me I'll just try very hard to make it seem as normal as possible for him because I never want he's gonna have to deal with it. And I never want to put him in the position where. He knows it's something that scary or bad so like if we -- paparazzi. You know I'll say things like. -- -- -- so handsome. You know and dressing like say teens because. If I react the way that existing actually I want -- react -- as you know that momma bear instinct. It's just gonna make him terrified and I don't want him to grow up with that with -- with that sort of view of that. -- -- is really hard so with dealing with that and of course chasing her chasing around the turn your old how do you relax and teamed up with for Brees. I happen I'm really excited about the partnership. -- here's a thing that I learned -- right after I had my child when I was. Absolutely exhausted. Everyone make such a big deal about getting your kids your baby to sleep through the night -- and it so much of that. Is a bedtime routine men and I don't know where along the way we as adults have lost that concept in losing our -- team. -- -- -- and we have no bad time retains I think the breeze was that. I made a conscious decision to start to incorporate a bedtime routine when I went back to work. -- Mistresses and because I just needed some time to myself. -- either working. And and for -- is very Smart they came up with this. This collection called sleep serenity and it is. Basically -- specifically for an event that's -- You know you know it clinically proven that. Sleeping any pleasant smelling room helps -- to sleep better makeshift sleeping experience relaxed. Seven angels took that and and went with it sleeping well doing very well let's have a lot of friends stopping by paying you for having me -- really appreciate it good.

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{"id":20170033,"title":"Alyssa Milano Reveals She's Not Opposed To Her Son Going Into Showbiz","duration":"8:15","description":"\"Mistresses\" star credits her parents for not becoming a troubled child star.","url":"/Entertainment/video/alyssa-milano-reveals-shes-opposed-son-showbiz-20170033","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}