Amara Miller's 'One to Watch'

Makes film debut with George Clooney in "The Descendants."
3:59 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Amara Miller's 'One to Watch'
If first film role is always special for an actor but when your first role is a part in -- George Clooney movie well. -- something really special. Eleven year old -- Miller plays Clooney's youngest daughter in the upcoming film the defendants and we're so happy to have -- here with us today. Weren't things that -- has not so how exciting. Was it for you when you heard that you're going to be part of this big -- -- -- George Clooney movie. I was just over the top exciting and I eighth. Had never done anything like this before my life and I was just so thank you needed help it OK so you have to tell all the kids out there -- wanna be actresses how you got a role like this. While my aunts. Was -- -- announced Wednesday barbecue. And -- heard her friends over talking about Alexander -- how He needed it. -- ten year old girl for his new list film that He was about to start selling at K cell she thought well I'm familiar with his work so. And then she thought of me sell the next day she calls -- -- mom and says He is a moral army in the movie. Moms -- is OK let me ask and a half though of course I want to do it I mean who doesn't sound. We sent that casting directors and photos of me daylight time loved me so they sent signs and -- -- -- tape. OK so you have not edition taking what was honest hate. Couple scenes that they had sent sides far from the script OK and you never acted and now. How much cash so -- it like being on a movie set with such a big movie star. It was amazing and -- and every one there was like. Family to me after about two weeks I mean everybody was so friendly He made me feel so welcome it was a really nice and -- -- she plays your sister in the movie what was it like being with her did you guys become close friends she is so cool she's so down to earth and playing our best friends -- still keeping contact. And she's just. The -- person ever. She's really -- really nice person I mean she just handles things so well she's great actress I love her. Now you shot this -- -- in Hawaii which is on my favorite -- as a parent tell us your favorite car about cheating there. Mostly just. Jane you know the islands and it was amazing because who wouldn't -- -- in paradise. Care and every weekend religious hats in the -- -- have a mountain from -- -- it was just really fantastic experience beyond war -- -- -- Now is acting something now be thinking want to do her curry yeah. Definitely. Say yes so what's next free I -- you can and go back and go back to school you gonna take acting classes what's the -- Well I'm back in school right now because we actually shot a year ago. So the movies coming out -- so right now understand back in school boom waiting for the film to come. And when you're not starring and being in a blockbuster movie what do you like to do what can TV shows He -- with an amusing to listen to I eat mostly illicitly. Harry. And I loved to cut and I loved debate and -- still like to. I don't I don't ever want to do a lot of things like to -- like to -- friends -- you have favorite actors -- favorite movies before you became a movie person yourself. One of my favorite movie is its economy it's called the point nine -- I I love that every day one -- -- in my neighborhood I can actually recite lines from that violence and the dancing at the and I asked us live there part and I also love that sound. I forget the filmmaker's name but He is a Asian filmmaker He. It stayed away. I -- spirited. That's none of them my brother obsolescence blacks. Well -- -- -- that is a name we should not. Forget the movie is the descendants it opens in theaters November 18 -- Miller thanks so much for joining us and congratulations on higher success thank you.

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{"id":14755338,"title":"Amara Miller's 'One to Watch'","duration":"3:59","description":"Makes film debut with George Clooney in \"The Descendants.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/amara-millers-watch-14755338","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}