Amazing Life Together

Two former wedding photographers travel to All 50 States Documenting Love Stories.
12:49 | 10/30/15

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Transcript for Amazing Life Together
If we were in New York City are ready them state numbers thirty lead over advancers. Than we thought the suspect was meant here earlier today. It is more like spring then. The city fantastic so we met. This coupled fantasist early. A coffee shop. Threatening to you thanks for joining us. Be part of armies in marriage Spencer says. Matters here are seventy. This couple hours you know. They're he'd he'd State's total and glad that you guys or able thousands. Everybody restart and tells little bit about your love sort of patted you guys meet and volatile. You very embarrassing stain them and alzheimer's. Ten minutes. You bring your name again. We didn't you let him into. The good yeah. Larry you're young on his hands the some things. Yeah what if anything. Finally dancing. Yeah. Yeah like everything and relaxing night. Saying this. There growth package you proposed to your beautiful. Into the police and it was in this. Yeah castle there right in front. I dubbed the million. The it is the Greeks didn't they get it was the right place right. You have any idea it was coming. You could live like. Dumping on him. Yeah yeah. Still play and what it when he went into me and I'm wearing it. May. They. They did. We were pretty young and so I would say like for failing. How many of today's and immediately married civilian and defense. Hello things that younger couples struggle led them on their watch until they just kind of go into the. Did you paint repair her games play. I think you reach for reasons iron and you believe that guy needs. Okay if it was very awkward bit but it was quite happily. I mean you could never really know it's. It what do you think the biggest challenge is the very start. They kept Khmer. Directly and meaning. Still it. Understood when he got made very temporary living. Really. And their faith feeling fit inlet. Do you plan times the the batter it looked back pain and being made it plain. They do you take it lightly. I think that thing back. I think we are really young Ironkey you. Yup I'm doing the same time I am I'm more of and and it device they give you and then you see how they live in the lives some of my mind I. Come from someone. It's it's you know something we shouldn't be giving advice that. In the position to get by the likes certain things in this insanity plea. Do it I didn't see it now we we don't department. I mean as it has apparently. It ended three years. And some of the biggest lessons you learn. New Daryn. Only that it is. Through this I'm ready. It's get. He dedicated. Really going to experience things in there like me. And that's. Ricki Lake and nearly. Got and you lending tonight and coming together we need place and we know. New restaurant the kind of learn anything about it. It is this. Alex is quiet trip and in Nolo dot. You always learning. Atlanta. Mike especially when you get married and behind. You're under eighteen team running together game parting each other and. Yeah yeah. I was. That the decisions I did was getting. Led by the time we all your friends that you love when they just sent on to their own thing. You know like and you have to do your. I cannot tell the that. Yeah it was your favorite thing about. Right now we write to. Next month. We're. You know just saying that perception that we had on marriage. Unless you're married you really don't know how and here we. We have a greatly. I wouldn't want to work with anybody else. Keeping things. The last thing. Have you had an Indian name. That's pretty desperate. If my advice would be you know. Not to like we picnic and with the lake that's what happens today than at the end of the day you can do to. This you know from you. School which are hard and what you do right I'm not really of this figure. But some time I feel like that's. Stick. Every day it's your word imagine a lot of work. My mind not. So serious. Planning and an. Lovely green. Every every. He inning. Our favorite part. Sitting down when. Act upon me the green. Everybody is like the secret loaded everybody's saying anything there aren't you and everybody has their own aliases and the media. I think things you've worked at age you you silently either and again. Anyway it's your area. One of our big things always. How would you describe me there. We have what's happened. I think kind of the flavors of the floor it accidentally. Working and it together. Definitely. I'm a little you know the other negative Nancy yeah like. Lake I don't think. If it's like equally amazing that. At any point you like your constant in the word for it to get to. And it you know it might take in the it might be. Won't. You like just like you working through the you know what what you think is. The it's just in the personal. I guess who. Big divide that's the challenge they face everything yeah. Pentagon and passing cancer. Marriage is. So much work every single day it's a choice that continues here and it's never easy mean there's. Lots of great and you write love being me. So much fantastic things that is on matters it's still isn't artwork and that being committed Steve Hartford and never giving up and others Sosa or. And not think. But then I mean that I can't really make them work in the evening. Seymour requested after its. Anyway we're favorite thing I've about room. Good way. Politically class. Pulitzer favorite thing about your beautiful. Like. She won't stop until she reaches. Let us. Lightweight she wants to be life it into an attack that could be. You'd his you know something minor disputes the long. Must be her. And I might stay on very persistent. But you don't like that's. You know it's. I'm the office. Without her I wouldn't be. I loved. She keeps me. Bring. Yeah. We look sick a couple photos you guys it would as a couple. And then. It back. Yeah they want to meet he's. Here together. It was obvious reason of those who married so we know you guys levees. Guys kind to decide what does the little. Our retired we've. That the look forward though that effort. Go ahead and we'll rate backwards me because people are. The US. We do it did. I me. Reported that that at the. It is RA NN litigator wept as public betrayal yeah. Thank you so much for your time today appreciate. A community. And alienate Henson. It. It reaches aboriginal affairs and area online services Arizona amazing legs together dot com. And it and dispenser gonna turn all these stories and European. For couples. Through this hour's news sports and the had to be part of. 808038. And retreat over it. All right sorry it back to you or me. And for an exhibition.

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{"id":34858842,"title":"Amazing Life Together","duration":"12:49","description":"Two former wedding photographers travel to All 50 States Documenting Love Stories.","url":"/Entertainment/video/amazing-life-34858842","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}