'American Idol' Alum Wants to Judge!

Kimberley Locke talks judging "Idol" and new projects.
4:15 | 08/01/12

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Transcript for 'American Idol' Alum Wants to Judge!
And that is the founder of Kimberly -- you know her as a finalist on season -- of American Idol in the nine years since her idol debut. -- has continuously. Turned out music. Having had topped when he adult contemporary hits. And nine and bookmark number one dance hits Kimberley has a new single and -- new projects that are really -- And she joins us now to talk about it all welcome Kimberly to C eight six your new music -- something that you worked on with another American Idol on that right talk about it. Actually I did I worked on the new song with ace young and it was really nice you know -- connecting with an American -- and a silent on the same -- and so. You know it was nice to kind of you know come together and -- -- family projects on the street. It's an American -- to act in all these judges changes in rye Carrey is and we. Need to be -- Listen I'm sure there a lot of air miles that would be great in that chair. I just think it would be really nice to have. A contestants. Voice not. -- We know what they're going -- now we've been there so we have a different perspective. You know of the entire competition. And you know when you look at that panel of judges. It can be really intimidating. It's really nice to see a fellow. You know it would be nice to see -- fellow -- someone who understands intimately. Sitting on the other side table at least that you and your your probability of getting some sympathy is really -- Will that prison. About the waste so much attention has been focused on the to. Right now as opposed -- The actual singers what do you think about it. Now I don't think that it's -- bad thing you know I believe that what American -- has evolved to you. Nobody ever thought that it would be what it is today. You know whether it's that's the beautiful thing about -- whether it's the contestants by the judges you know. Making the news somebody's making the news talk about the show and that's the very well were all still can't. Is it -- amazing season when you look back -- happened in your life and then nine years and yet it's actually watching that video clip made me like. -- it anyway. You know is you know it's amazing to watch. Myself on this journey -- And see all the things that and you know just thinking back to the the first amount -- in for American Idol it's like you know all of that because I decided to ago. On an audition and you know here we are -- -- -- -- Writer I'm very excited and you know the -- absolutely. Here. And you love cooking and decided that also start your cooking -- -- -- -- and since American Idol. Most people know that -- journey has been and you know health fitness weight loss after American Idol I was with Lane Bryant went to Jenny Craig and Celebrity Fit Club where -- lost forty pounds. And have been able to maintain it which is the challenge -- weight loss so. All fans everybody's I'll ask me what do you do how do we know how much you updated eyes and he -- -- art. Sell its it's a process you know that -- has -- journey so. All these great recipes. And lets -- and that's basically. What cooking with Kimberly is all about it's about. You know hopefully welcoming people into the kitchen with me will make it less intimidating and manageable here -- cooking Kimberly and where we watch it you can watch on Camilla official dot com which is -- you combine all things Kimberly lot that's where the news lately is finally free. And even giving a free download away the single right now to anybody -- wants. Thank you -- Lexington and congratulations on your continued U.

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{"id":16909707,"title":"'American Idol' Alum Wants to Judge!","duration":"4:15","description":"Kimberley Locke talks judging \"Idol\" and new projects.","url":"/Entertainment/video/american-idol-alum-judge-16909707","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}